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tanit phoenixTanit Phoenix Rumored To Be Up For The Wonder Woman Role

South African actress/model Tanit Phoenix, who starred in the recent movie Lost Boys: The Thirst, is rumored to be up for the role in the new Wonder Woman TV project.

What's Playing was apparently the first to report on this news, which honestly reads more like either speculation or the creation of an overly ambitious agent or manager. Here's what that site had to say:

My contact passes on a rumor that the model cum actress has actually already spoken to key members of the production team and expressed interest… and they’re (that includes some suits at Warner Bros, whom she did The Thirst with) apparently big fans, so her name will undoubtedly be amongst the four or five young actresses that are ultimately shortlisted for the role of the Amazonian princess. “She will definitely get to screen test”, says an insider.

Phoenix, with her fit frame and chocolate-colored locks, would be a wonderful fit for Wonder Woman - whether that be the classic Wonder Woman or the new-look Wonder Woman that’s now gracing comic covers (She now looks less like a bikini-clad princess and more like a street fighter).

The What's Playing article also mentions that Phoenix recently snagged the lead role in a cable series called Femme Fatales - if that is the case the actress would NOT be available for another TV show. Additionally, the reference to "meeting with the production team" - far as we know, there isn't a production team yet... a script has not even been officially submitted... so how could she meet with anyone? Unless it's a network meeting.

Guess we'll know for sure soon enough. She looks good, though Bridget Regan or Serinda Swan would both fall higher on my list...

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