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A Character Name Change In The Wonder Woman Pilot

The character that Cary Elwes will be playing, originally known as “Henry Demeter,” is now “Henry Johns,” surely named after DC Entertainment’s Geoff Johns.

Henry Johns works with Diana at Themiscyra Industries.

The Wonder Woman Pilot Is Casting Artemis

Fans looking for some Wonder Woman mythology will be happy with some more casting news we have learned.

The WW production is currently casting the role of Artemis. Thus far, she only seems to be present for a flashback scene that details Steve Trevor’s crash on Paradise Island. But if they’re going so far as to cast someone for this… surely it’s not just going to be an extra. Could Artemis be seen on the show again if the series continues beyond a pilot?

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Tanit Phoenix’s Wonder Woman Audition

Tanit Phoenix has long been rumored to be up for the role of Wonder Woman, and now her audition video has made its way online.

She certainly looks the part, although a more action-oriented scene might give us a better idea of how she’d be in the role.

Check it out before it inevitably disappears from Youtube.

Wonder Woman Pilot Casting Call

DC Women Kicking Ass has uncovered the casting sheet for the Wonder Woman pilot, which is listed to begin shooting March 15 in Los Angeles.

This casting call details who they’re looking for and reveals a bit more about the characters that we will be seeing should Wonder Woman go to series. Enjoy!

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We are committed to diverse, inclusive casting. For every role, please submit qualified performers, without regard to disability, race, age, colour, national origin, ethnic origin or any other basis prohibited by law unless otherwise specifically indicated.

[WONDER WOMAN / DIANA THEMYSCIRA / DIANA PRINCE] Female, late 20s to 30s. A kick-ass Superhero / Powerful C.E.O. / A vulnerable woman. Long flowing black hair, blue eyes. Amazon-like, muscular, an Olympian. The charismatic stage presence of a rock star. A crime fighter. Also, a real woman who yearns to live a normal life. She is accessible and appealing to all people, men and women alike…SERIES LEAD. ASP.

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Sue From “DC Women Kicking Ass” Reviews The Pilot Script

Bleeding Cool went to a different type of fan to see what they thought of the Wonder Woman pilot script, by getting the female perspective of Sue from the DC Women Kicking Ass blog.

Sue’s review is posted on the Bleeding Cool website. Here are some interesting highlights, though you’ll have to go to their site itself for the full feature.

First the good. Kelley’s Wonder Woman is very likable. She has passion, she cares about her co-workers and friends, she has a sense of humor and she’s presented as the very modern model of a very modern woman. I could do without the Sex and the City vibe though, it would have been nice to have Diana have one conversation with her friend that wasn’t about men.

And while she’s likable, they’re trying a bit too hard to take the stuffing out of the claim some have made about the character is stuffy. As a result, we get Diana using expressions like “bidness” for business and using the expression “Lucy got some ‘splaining to do”. And there are at least three scenes of Diana rocking out in the car or plane. We get it; she’s not stuffy.

But then there’s this:

If this were a show about a generic female crime fighter, it wouldn’t be bad. But it’s not. It’s about Wonder Woman and what Kelley has done, despite the character’s love of flying, is to bring her down to earth and not in a good way. He underplays her origin, reduces her scope and waters down her motivation. Wonder Woman is a bigger than life character who should inspire awe. And there are moments where he writes her that way but for the most part it just feels like Diana Themyscira is a wonderful woman but hardly a Wonder.

With this much feedback coming in already, perhaps elements will change from this initial draft. At the very least, it seems that this new review does note some decent points in this presentation. What do you think? Talk about the Wonder Woman TV pilot on our forum.

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