Amazon: Wonder Woman Lives?!?

Wonder Woman might get another shot at television, and it might happen with creative people and a network that should have been behind it in the first place.

News comes in from Josef Adalian at Vulture that former Wonder Woman comic writer Allan Heinberg is developing a script for The CW with the working title Amazon. Of course, no pilot production has been greenlit or guaranteed — and certain other DC-based projects have been announced at the script progress and have never gone further. The Vulture piece insists that “no pilot production has been greenlit or even contractually guaranteed.” Like Smallville, Amazon sounds like a Diana Prince/Wonder Woman origin story so it might not be as … costumey as the 2011 pilot had been.

Stay tuned for more details when and if they become available… and hopefully they will. Perhaps this site will have an excuse to still exist, after all!


  1. Anthony

    If so, They NEED TO REMAKE THE PILOT. the idea having everyone know her secret identity is just stupid, let alone having her own organization is just ridiculous. They need to bring back the idea where she works a government place in Washington, DC. And having her identity a SECRET.

    And they should start or mention Paradise Island and keep true to her original origins. AND! let her keep that outfit, the one she wore at the end of the episode, where she is wearing an outfit that has more of the traditional outfit without the pants cuz the pants does not look right with them on.

  2. Christopher DC

    If nothing else, this news shows there is still definate interest out there in bringing Wonder Woman to TV as a live-action project. A “teenage take” on Wonder Woman would be very out of the ordinary, yet it could work if enough respect is paid to the character’s original origin story (raised a princess on a hidden island realm, trained as a warrior yet dedicated to the ideals of peace, choosing to come to “Man’s World” to give humanity a helping hand, and so on). A young Diana, perhaps between 17-19 years old, could have adventures just as exciting and meaningful as an older Wonder Woman (and might even have a nascent romance with a college-age Steve Trevor in the bargain!). Of course, I think we can forget about seeing the iconic costume on the young Amazon, but if it’s a choice between Wonder Woman in blue jeans or no Wonder Woman at all, beggars can’t be choosers….

  3. class of fitness

    Yes, The CW should have been behind this show in the first place. its better late than never?

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