Adrianne Palicki: “Politics” Killed Wonder Woman 2011

In a new interview with Crave Online, Adrianne Palicki talked briefly about the 2011 Wonder Woman pilot. It’s one of the first times she’s really spoken about it, and she says she was “proud” of how it turned out.

“I was so grateful to get to play Wonder Woman,” she said. “That was a childhood dream of mine and I’m proud of the outcome. I do wish it would have gone to series but everything happens for a reason. Looking at it as a positive, I got to work with some amazing actors, [an] amazing writer and I got to wear the outfit. It was not comfortable but it was totally worth it.”

Wonder Woman not getting picked up was “shocking” for the actress. “There were obviously politics involved,” she says. “It had gotten picked up as far as I knew so when we got that call it was incredibly shocking. We were set up to go to Jimmy Kimmel and everything else so it was a real shock. It was hard to take at first.”

Politics, or the pilot just not being very good? Realistically, Adrianne…

You can read Adrianne’s full interview at Crave Online. Let’s hope Amazon, if it should happen, has some better luck…


  1. Christopher DC

    In fairness to Adrianne Palicki, the national media took a great deal of interest in the Wonder Woman pilot as soon as it was announced, and the publicity surrounding it may have misled her (as well as other cast members) into thinking it was all but assured of being on NBC’s 2012-13 schedule; hence the “shock” when she found out the network brass came to their senses and realized David Kelley’s interpretion of Wonder Woman fell far short of the mark. I’m glad for her sake she had the chance to fulfil a childhood dream, and to her credit she did about the best job a human being could do with the dreadful script she was given (and, of course, she looked absolutely gorgeous in the “real” Wonder Woman costume!). If Wonder Woman ever does make it to live-action again, here’s hoping the next actress who plays her shows the same degree of fondness for the role as Adrianne Palicki did.

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