NBC has ordered a TV pilot from producer David E. Kelley based on the iconic DC Comics character Wonder Woman.

WonderWomanTV aims to keep readers informed about this new project much like we have with KryptonSite in the past. For our general TV news site, visit KSiteTV.com.

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  1. jmgonzales

    i’m sure David E. Kelley is far smarter than all of us think: all these make us all the more excited to see the finished project, no matter what!

    I am thinking the press release on script rewrites has actually been ready from day 02 of the TV project’s conception. If I am also thinking right, the release on the character having three costumes seems to indicate she will travel back in time in the first 2 seasons. Meaning the TV project has been conceptualized to bring together all of Wonder Woman’s fans from way back to the the original Marston character, to the present WW incarnation.

    Good luck to the TV show! Here’s to your success!

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