The Strange TV Costume Choices Of Wonder Woman

Still no more news yet on that new Wonder Woman TV project that David E. Kelley and Warner Brothers are shopping around. So instead, let’s take a back in time to see some of Wonder Woman’s other questionable fashion choices from TV in the 1970’s…

Cathy Lee Crosby played Diana Prince/Wonder Woman in a TV movie a few years before Lynda Carter took on the tiara. Not only was this Wonder Woman blonde; but she is wearing something that, beyond the colors, is so not Wonder Woman that it makes Reb Brown’s Captain America get-up look even more legit. It is because of this that the actual Wonder Woman TV series was referred to as “The New, Original Wonder Woman” for a time.

Toward the end of Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman run, she wore some specialized outfits including this gem. This was from an episode called “The Skateboard Whiz.”

A week later in the same season of Lynda Carter’s series, she took on this underwater getup. Which, I admit… I kind of like for reasons I can’t quite figure out.

This doesn’t even count some of the more unfortunate costume changes Diana has had in the comics, such as the mid-1990’s leather outfit with a Vampirella wig.

How would you like to see Wonder Woman presented in a new series? Leave some comments below…

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  1. cass

    traditional costume looks best ,thats WONDERWOMAN !

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