Bleeding Cool Gets A Hold Of The <em>Wonder Woman</em> Script & Provides Spoilers

Bleeding Cool Gets A Hold Of The Wonder Woman Script & Provides Spoilers

Rich Johnston’s Bleeding Cool website just got a hold of the Wonder Woman pilot script. Their report has the first plot details available about the new Wonder Woman TV project.

(Anyone reading who’d like to anonymously provide WonderWomanTV with a script? Let us know… we promise all sources will remain anonymous, and can even keep quiet about the fact that it’s been read.)

So what’s the prognosis?

“It’s a slightly goofy comedy-drama about a hotshot business woman who moonlights as a superheroine, packed with Girl Power pop-songs and including the awkward phrase “You go, girl.” But does it work? Well, some of the jokes are good, but the general dramatic situation seems a bit thin, the character relationships are, to be kind, familiar, and there’s nothing in the plot that merits any special recognition. As Buffy-inspired as this script no doubt was, Joss Whedon it ain’t,” Bleeding Cool’s Brendon Connelley says. Apparently the script is full of song cues written into the script.

Here are some other details, although for the full report, again, go to Bleeding Cool as this is their scoop.

– Myndi Mayer is Diana’s BFF, though there is a scene with Etta Candy as well.
– Steve Trevor crashed onto Paradise Island years ago and brought her back to New York, but they’ve since split up. She still loves him, though.
– Diana loves planes, and has the lasso and deflecting bracelets.
– Diana’s nemesis is Veronica Cale, who is portrayed as an evil scientist and rival businesswoman with a secret plan.
– Diana has TWO secret identities (not making this up). There’s Diana Prince (her “Clark Kent” with hair put up and glasses), Wonder Woman, and also Wonder Woman’s “out” human alter ego of “Diana Themiscyra,” the head of Themiscrya Industries. Sounds confusing.
– Diana has a group of science-nerd friends who live in her basement.
– Diana wants to belong and be “among” people.

So what do you think so far? Leave your comments below…


  1. Steve McC

    Sounds utterly missable. They’ll never quite learn, will they?

  2. kanezona

    Did we not learn ANYTHING from the Cathy Lee Crosby version of Wonder Woman back in the 70’s?!! Like stick closer to the original source material, while making it somewhat fresh and novel, like they eventually did when ABC came out with the “New Original Wonder Woman” TV series that starred Lynda Carter! Changing her iconic costume, to spandex no less?!! No invisible stealth jet?!! She runs a company to pay for her crime fighting?! Since when did she need money to pay for her crime fighting?! I’m just going to tell myself that if in fact her mythology as well as her iconic appeal is butchered, as I suspect it is going to be, then this is merely Wonder Woman from an alternate universe…and NOT the Wonder Woman who I have loved and adored for the past 35 or so years. Viva the New Original Wonder Woman!

  3. I have to agree with Kanezona. Its a very very sad excuse for WonderWoman. I mean my personal opinion is it should be more like how it was with Lynda Carter in the 70’s. Or better yet, use CGI to just make Linda Carter WonderWoman again! I think that would hit big with all the fans. We need to stop this show before it gets made and ruins the iconic name of WonderWoman.

  4. mark

    this new wonder woman is really going to suck,i’m not even going to watch the pilot…Lynda will always be Wonder Woman…I’ll just keep watching my DVD’s of the series when I need a WW fix!!!

  5. Kams

    I think that the show should be about Diana before she becomes wonder woman, lets think of it this way when she left the island that she was staying on she must have not became wonder woman straight away she must first tried to fit in before becoming wonder woman.

  6. Victor

    OMG, hearing and reading about the script here, makes me sick. I’m getting sick and tired of these networks just falling for anything. I am a HUGE Wonder Woman fan Lynda Carter. If I was an executive and I read this script I would have said “Are you Serious?” This script writers and directors take on superhero characters that they don’t know nothing about and add their meaningless, selfish thoughts and ideas to the plot and as fans we have to suffer. Robert Downy Jr, deeply studied Iron Man and the Avengers, Christopher Nolan studied Batman. Let me write Wonder Woman, stop the production please.

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