Adrianne Palicki Shows Off Her <em>Wonder Woman</em> Hair

Adrianne Palicki Shows Off Her Wonder Woman Hair

Adrianne Palicki showed up at the premiere for her new movie Elektra Luxx with new, darker hair, surely in time for the Wonder Woman shoot.

REALLY not sure about the bangs… and some Wonder-ful waves would never hurt anyone.

Wonder Woman begins shooting on March 15. Hopefully around that time we’ll get a better idea of how Adrianne will look in the role.


  1. grag

    Ditto. Of course, although that’s obviously the color her hair will be, it isn’t necessarily the style they’ll use for the character.

  2. Wayne

    You know why she has the bangs? They needed to hide the “third eye” mole she has between her eyebrows.

    All the fan boys have been talking about it and here is the solution.

  3. MikoPike

    I hate to be a nitpicker as Ms. Palicki is more lovely than I shall ever be, but point taken about the mole/bangs situation. Normally I would be against wonder bangs but it seems an elegant solution, I wonder if she will have them in the series. I myself was wondering if they might attempt to cover the mole with a more daring angle on the tiara. Other than that, I think she has a fresh look that is right for this project and although I had a few doubts her appearance as a truly bombshell brunette has laid those to rest. Perfect color, I always thought Lynda’s hair was a little too brown on the original. Now we have to wait to see what the show’s stylist does with it. Actually my main worry about Adrienne Palicki was that her eyes would be too… squinty, but the new color story with the dark hair really makes those blue eyes pop.

  4. manwe

    she’s a horrible choice. Moley, moley moley

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