Wonder Woman TV Tips? Send ‘Em Our Way!

Wonder Woman TV Tips? Send ‘Em Our Way!

I don’t think it’s any secret that we want WonderWomanTV to be to Wonder Woman what KryptonSite has been to Smallville.

But of course, we can’t do that alone!

Please send news tips to us here at WonderWomanTV here. Bonus if you’re involved with the production; all sources can and will remain anonymous. Please don’t, however, send rumors or articles created by fans with over-active imaginations, because we know there’s enough of that out there.

Thank you again and thanks for coming to WonderWomanTV!


  1. Carlos Silva


    Even though the show hasn’t started production, you should start by creating sections such as “Cast” (with photos and bio of the actors), episodes (empty for now), “Rumor section”, “Photo gallery”, “Poll and surveys and stuff”, and a section of the different characters in the Wonder Woman universe and their appearance in the different media, like Steve Trevor, Lyla, Diana, Hera etc.

    A column section will be great. Your first article could be, the “origin of Wonder Woman” (who’s her mother, what’s Themyscyra, where does her powers come from, abilities, etc). a second article could be “Diana’s love interests through out the years in Tv and the comics and stuff” (Steve Trevor, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Clark Kent/Superman, etc)

    Good luck guys

  2. kelly michaels

    Will the new Wonder Woman still have the Lynda Carter Iconic Spin?

  3. shannon kicklighter

    The only thing i don’t want to see is a dramatic change to her costume. Leave it alone. Their outfits are their signature. It doesn’t work. That would be like taking Batman’s suit and making it colorful. The symbol of wonder woman is that she has the strength and attractiveness to kick butt. Not to mention our Country needs to see that in this day and time, with all the hatred. Red, white and blue would symbolize unity in our country, and that we need.

  4. Rima Fakih


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