<em>Wonder Woman</em> Begins Shooting In Los Angeles Today

Wonder Woman Begins Shooting In Los Angeles Today

The OLV Twitter page revealed that filming for Wonder Woman will be going on at and around 555 S. Flower St. in downtown Los Angeles today.

If this location is accurate, this probably means some paparazzi-like photos are going to leak, so stay tuned. If you see any before they’re up here, you know where to find us. We ask, though, that you PLEASE not interfere with the production.

And a disclaimer: This is probably the only time we’ll be reporting on a filming location, as we respect the privacy of the production. However, getting started on a shoot is most definitely news that we wanted to share.


  1. Robert

    still mad its a tv ceries instead of a movie. bad move by dc and warner brothers, but i will still watch it. Smallville is the best

  2. MikoPike

    Wow, what an auspicious day! I am so glad that this project is getting going. I know there has been much controversy about the content of this show but having read all of Wonder Woman’s comic adventures since I was seven (it’s been a couple decades) I can’t help but be optimistic and reserve judgement until I see the finished product. Just knowing that for the first time in over thirty years an actress will be portraying Wonder Woman before cameras today is enough to put a spring in my step. The only thing that could make this better is a shot of the new costume… heads up, WB, I am sure you would rather get in front of this and release a polished studio shot rather than have the debut of your new Wondy costume be from a random fan picture taken under who knows what conditions.

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