Is The New TV Wonder Woman Going To Wear The New Costume?

Is The New TV Wonder Woman Going To Wear The New Costume?

Some word came in from Christopher Cooley @WonderboyLB today… that the costume that we’ll be seeing in the Wonder Woman pilot will be the one that premiered in last year’s Wonder Woman #600 comic book.

This news will surely spark controversy (if true) but then again, from a real-life perspective it might be easier to outfit an actress into every day… especially if she’s doing stunts. And it’s inevitable that we’d see the “real” suit eventually if it goes to series. Right? Hopefully.

When we get confirmation – which, who knows, might come from an on-set photo of Adrianne Palicki in action! – we’ll let you know here at WonderWomanTV.


  1. AL KENG

    long before this news broke – i just had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach that this new tv series would

    stupidly follow the new wonder woman costume from the comics !

    please tell me it aint so !

    whats wrong with warner brothers tv, why mess with

    a great formula. if it aint broke dont fix it !

  2. Dano

    This was posted at CBR forums by Andy Mangels:

    “Was told today via somebody working on the show that the Wonder Woman TV costume is definitely based on the NΓΌ Wonder Woman/Walmart Woman/Hot Topic Woman design.

    Was not able to get further information on whether it would have a leather jacket, gold arm streamers, M&M wristbands, or black pants and footie boots. We’ll find out soon…

    The iconic original costume will appear in at least one scene in the pilot, and likely in multiple minor ways (flashbacks, a discussion of licensed material, news reports, etc.)”

  3. Nerf22

    Personally, I wish people would get over the issue of costumes. I understand them wanting to see the original costumes and such, but come on, people! Those costumes are, for the most part, really cheesy. What is wrong with updating them for the modern times?

    • ravenking

      The problem Nerf22 is that they’re not only changing her costume they’ve changed who she is. And sorry the “cheesy argument” that people are throwing around about Wonder Woman’s original costume is not a good excuse. As with what some people have said on here if Superman or Batman’s costumes were changed drastically to the point where you can’t even really recognize them there would be an uproar. I’m a huge fan of Wonder Woman and as campy as the Lynda Carter show was it still managed to stay fairly true to the source material. While I’d like to see a streamlining of the story I don’t want to see a complete and utter change to her character as David E. Kelley is doing. And if you’re comparing old campy 70’s show costume to modern costuming they could take Lynda Carter’s costume and definitely provide tweaks to make it look better. To change it completely is just wrong. The sad part is the general population probably won’t care. Regardless of how those of us who truly know who Wonder Woman is we’ll have to sit on the sidelines and see the crap job that a beloved character is receiving. We won’t watch it but we’ll be reminded of a wasted opportunity to see something that could have been truly great go down the “modern pop culture toilet”.

  4. Diana


    • Kerin A. Prince

      I have to agree with you, sister, we need a more traditional look for Adreanne Palicki as Wonder Woman.

  5. David Stewart


    Actually this is good news. I like the new costume, and it will work better on TV and for the sensibilities of TV viewers.

  6. Oreos

    Good times!


    Kids are going to be watching this so I like the sensible decision to use it.

  7. Jani

    Heh “Kids will watch this” so violence is ok but a little bit of skin isn’t? that logic always freaks me out.

    I’m ok with the “rebooted” Jim Lee costume, but I hope they skip the jacket. It looks so out of date, like something from an old Madonna video.

  8. I’m still plan on doing my Wonder Woman podcast in the fall but if they’re going to use that awful slutty costume for Wonder Woman, then yeah, the show is doomed to fail.

    but we won’t know for sure until we get promo pictures.

  9. KalErick

    Not sure how I feel about this, I remember reading that the costume would be different, with the old one noticeably hanging in her closet or something. I will reserve judgement until I see her actually in it.

    The one thing that bugs me about the new costume, is the jacket, just dont like it. She is like Superboy from the 90’s

  10. moviefan

    I do agree it lends itself to be a more easier to wear day to day and easy to translate. But I also would hope classic/battle skirt type suit also makes an appearance.

  11. kelly michaels

    Oh please, They outfitted Lynda Carter in the skimpy outfit everyday for 3 seasons and she did a lot of stunts just fine in that costume, so you’ll need to come up with a better excuse than that.

  12. WonderFan

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooo. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Hate the new costume!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Wonder Bread

    I’d rather see the old costume, skimpy or not…it’s iconic and the better one than that 90s Jim Lee design. Practical or not, that design bites. Especially the bracelets, jacket, and tiara. I can live with the corset, but please lose those tight pants. If there’s to be a change at least put her back in the trunks but add the flaps like Alex Ross put on her in Kingdom Come.
    I know people like to argue the new suits practical attributes but it’s not like we’ll be seeing her Wonder Boobies flopping out in the comics OR the tv series. The artists of the comics just won’t draw that and as for the show? That’s why it’s called EDITING!
    Doesn’t matter though, I give this barely 6 episodes before it goes the way of The Cape and The Bionic Woman.
    Needs to be a big-budget movie, not another tv series.

    • Carl

      The new costume is a contradiction of terms: It sucks and blows at the same time. Not to mention it is so damned impractical! For example, those arm and shoulder straps? There are at least a HUNDRED ways for them to get hung up on something during a fight, not to mention snapping off and hitting her in the face during a crucial moment in a fight. And the leather pants, both in the comic and that 1st tv version? Snagging abounds!

      PLEASE go back to the real costume!

  14. beast

    depends, is she going to do the hero stuff from the get go. Or are we going to have to wait 10 seasons till the last episode to see her “earn the right” to ware it?

  15. Joseph


    This makes me very sad. πŸ™

  16. Nico

    Ok, I am and have to be the most die hard Wonder Woman Fan! Why cant they just leave it the way it is. The original costume has lasted for over 30 years and its iconic. To many changes and we loose the essence of the character. No one will ever be able to take the place of Lynda Carter but they should stay consistant. At least an actress that resembled Ms. Carter. Ms. Carter looks good enought to play the role still. I love you Lynda no one will ever replace you!!!

  17. Rich

    I looked on DC’s website and it looks like the character is going back to the original outfit once the current story arc is over.

  18. MikoPike

    While I do prefer the classic duds, and don’t think that there is anything dirty or wrong with the natural state of the human body, or the showing of it, I like the new costume also. I think the newer outfit might carry better in a film medium. I understand those who do not care for the new look, but I fail to see how it earns the sobriquets I see hung on it such as ‘trampy’ etc. when it is more conservative than the classic costume with regard to coverage. Let’s try to remember that the makers of this show just want Wonder Woman to be taken seriously, and they don’t want her to look silly, or to be thought of in that regard. I love the classic look (check DC comics preview solicitations this month for Wonder Woman 612, looks like the classic is returning in the comic) and I was elated when I found it was potentially returning to the comic, but as a fan of wondy’s I have been hearing people make snide cracks about those panties for literally decades. So whether it’s the bold star spangled classic outfit or the new and modern sleek ensemble, I will be at the edge of my seat with anticipation for any version of Wonder Woman … that isn’t Cathy Lee Crosby πŸ˜‰

  19. LoveWonderWoman

    There are ways to give her an updated costume, but still keeping the iconic “look.” Something like a battle skirt/pterages (blue with or without stars) along with a red top with straps (and eagle breastplate) would look great. It’s still reminiscent of the Marston look (e.g. skirt). It certainly doesn’t have to show too much skin.

    Why change her costume too much so that she no longer has her iconic look?

    HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE the tights she is wesaring in comics now. Really HATE the Odyssey costume. I can’t believe they are going to base her new costume on that!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

    I give this six episodes if that. Can we say Cathy Lee Crosby? She HAS to look like Wonder Woman. Iconic Wonder Woman!!!!

    • ravenking

      Well said! I couldn’t have put it better myself!

  20. Bobby

    If she doesn’t have the iconic look, it’s not going to work. That doesn’t mean that she has to be in the Lynda Carter costume. There are many ways that she can shown in an iconic look. Tight pants are NOT an iconic look. Seriously, WTH????!!! The “new” costume in the comics now is NOT her iconic look. This news about the nu costume being the basis for her TV show costume is very, very sad.

  21. CASSIE


  22. WTF

    The new costume sucks!!!!!!!!! Sorry but not interested in it if this isn’t an iconic version of WW. Gotta have iconic WW.

  23. Jani

    Just to add, its not “Panties” that the original costume has. In that case the majority of female athletes in the Olympics would be running around in “panties”. Othervise a good post by MikoPike.

  24. Taeylor

    I just hope its a good show. And then maybe they will do different costumes like the original! One for swimming, one for bike riding! πŸ˜‰

  25. Kevin La Born

    This is sad, disappointing news, indeed. The disasterous “story” that brought about Jim Lee’s flat out rotten costume is coming to an end in only four more fetid issues, and now we’ll still have to look at that horrid thing. Lynda Carter had no problems doing stunts in The REAL costume (that we got to see).
    It just sucks.
    Maybe I won’t buy anymore DC ANYTHING.

  26. Jaymes

    Wonder Woman HAS to be in her iconic costume. She needs to look like HERSELF, not Donna Troy or other spandex tights wearing superheroes. ArrrrrrrrrrrrrrHhhhhh!!!

    The new costume in the comics is horrible. I’m not even interested in watching it now that we’ve had this news. I was so hopeful.

  27. Dave

    I think the new costume will work really well. Only people my age or older (40+) I think are really hooked on the old costume..or pervs who want more skin.

    The old costume will NOT connect with younger modern audiences and we know thats the demo that is key to success. Making her relateable to people and able to do great action and stunts…sorry but Lynda didnt really do good stunts…this could be very actiony and I like that. Pants help.

    In the end all this same crap was said about smallville. 10 seasons later not a costume donned and its been great. Well ok corection the trench coat and now the red coat and it works.

    Green Arrows modernified costume became the comic version more or less I think. Also the Legion adapted costumes were awesome – Hawkman worked but man Dr Fate was Dr Fate but was CHEESY except the helmet.

    In the end – this will live or die on good story and good action – costumes are secondary and very meaningless if the action story and acting are good

  28. Dave

    ALSO…the who look like herself…to MOST people who are going to watch it…the TV will say hi this is wonder woman and they will go…um OK works for me. Most wont know who Donna Troy is..or anything other than what they are told and those will be the people that keep teh show on the air not nitpicky “trueists”

  29. WonderFan

    Dave, I’m not arguing for the old costume. It needs to be updated and there are ways to do that. Straps? Ptereges? Many have suggested these with modern materials to make a kick ass costume that retains an iconic look/silloette. The odyssey costume is too different, too ugly, not iconic. I don’t get why she needs pants – other options work better by allowing her to retain an iconic look while modernizing her for today’s audiences.

  30. Scribe

    I’m sorry, but if Superman’s costume were changed, there’d be hell to pay. Ditto for Batman. Yes, I am all for updating them with appropriate material but how is Wonder Woman’s costume the exception. The fans who read the comic hate the new costume and frankly, she looks like she ought to be in an MTV video wearing that.

    And for those who think its cheesy, I think Smallville did a pretty good version of the costume when Lois Lane dressed up as an Amazon in Smallville. A little more effort on that greek/leather armour type could have worked well.

    Sigh…every time I think I might give this show a chance, more crud like this surfaces.

  31. MikoPike

    Thanks, Jani. I didn’t mean to imply that I myself thought of the original outfit as consisting of panties, lol, they are trunks, I was just relating the comments I have heard over the years about the classic costume. A lot of people think it is silly and the first target of their commentary is usually the star spangled ‘panties’, or something about Diana being in a bathing suit when clearly (at least in modern times) there are armored elements to the costume,and even back in the good ol’ Lynda days she is obviously wearing a bodice, not a swim top. When they changed the outfit in the comic I was a little glad only because I thought folks might stop poking fun at my favorite superhero. I love that classic outfit, in fact I am one of the people who usually freaks out when they add another point to the belt or tiara, but alot of people, I would guess particularly our increasingly sophisticated youth, find it silly, so no matter how they dress Wonder Woman I am so there. I think everyone seems to agree at least that Wonder Woman needs to be relatable in the show, the costume is only one part of that delicate equation, albeit an important part.

  32. AL KENG

    if you look at adrianne palickis body – she has very skinny arms and legs .

    i think the producers of the new wonder woman show decided not to put her in iconic wonder woman outfit because she would just end up looking like “wonder girl”

    instead of wonder woman. so i think they decided to use

    the new costume which would cover up her lack of muscles !

    if this is the case ; big mistake ! they should have just

    avoided this whole situation by casting tanit phoenix

    as wonder woman – shes got the body; then they could have used iconic costume !

  33. Rachel

    People need to realize that an iconic look does not have t mean the old costume. Smallville did an interesting version that still reads as iconic I have to agree – its gotta be iconic or it’s not WW. Sorry but an iconic costume gaming in the closet does NOT satisfy.

  34. Dee Malloy

    I certain ly hope not. In fact, I hope the entire project is abandoned. As a lifelong comics fan I find this to be a very feeble choice. Both in the actress selected as well as the costume. Wonder Woman’s appeal has always centered on the fact that she is strong. She can kick butt! That’s what most fans loved about her.
    The choice of such a physically anemic actress is unfathomable. Her features are far too delicate to represent the iconic powerhouse that is Wonder Woman. In my opinion, this attempt to resurrect her is doomed to failure. No fan will accept such a flimsy, forceless, insubstantial and sickly version of the Amazon Princess.
    My advice… Scrap the whole thing now. It’s nothing but a big waste of time and money which will leave those responsible looking like fools.

  35. SigmaZ_CC

    I think some people miss the point. Some are so concerned with realism that they forget we are talking about superheroes. The whole genre isn’t realistic. She’s doesn’t need armor or to be covered up. She’s an iconic hero but isn’t popular. Covering WW up is to destroy her strongest asset which is sex appeal. Leave her in the traditional trunks with a slight updated design or don’t bother with WW at all.

  36. Nico

    Producers, Directors, Fashion designers assigned to this project. Take a note- Wonder Woman has and always will be the number one female comic book icon. The new duds look like they came from a seasonal halloween customer store in a strip mall. Lets talk about the tiara? It looks like it came from Toys R Us The upper portion of the costume is okay but the breast plate needs to look more like metal material not a cake pan, The lasso really people did we buy that a hobby lobby? Make the boots red like they should be. I am a die hard fan open to slight changes to meet new demographic but if you all mess this up no one will take Wonder Woman on ever again as a serious project.

    • Linda Trend

      NICO I am glad that you see it for what it looks like its going to be, something that someone thought they could make money off of because they saw smallville once and just through some stuff together and call a wonder woman show. Everything you said about the clothing is dead on. Personally I think they should leave wonder woman alone and move on to something else because if they mess this up…..this will trully be a national disaster. I already heard that everything about this wonder woman will be different, i don’t know what theses people are thinking. There just gonna through her out there and if it doesn’t work just take it off like its not going to have major repurcsssions…..”this is wonder woman people!”






  38. Linda Tren

    Why is it that they are having such a hard time making a decent outfit for one of the greatest female superheroes. If its not broken don’t fix it………………I don’t like either pants that they put on this actress, the cloth ones look like she has on sweat pants with a dressy top, something they just threw together, and i don’t know what they were thinking with blue boots, when did wonder woman wear blue boots? And why aren’t real comic book writers writing for this show. I don’t want to see someone that wrote dramas write for a comic book legend…ugggh. I am not saying he can’t pull it off, but I am really afraid right now….do I need to stand outside the studio with my wonder woman shirt on when this all begins???

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