Lynda Carter Thinks The New Wonder Woman Looks “Fabulous”

Lynda Carter Thinks The New Wonder Woman Looks “Fabulous”

Now that the new Wonder Woman costume has been seen, E! Online’s Marc Malkin caught up with the “new original” Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, to see what she thinks of the new look.

“I think she looks fabulous,” Carter told him. “It’s a new look and, jeez, her body looks fantastic.”

Carter also told Malkin that she hopes people will give Adrianne Palicki a chance in the role. “You know, I’m very sensitive to the fact that she will be compared,” Carter said. “There’s no getting around it. It is what it is. I would hope that people would cut her some slack.”

You can read the full E! article here.


  1. MikoPike

    I agree Lynda! She looks great and how gracious of the original Wonder Woman to be so considerate.

    • Craig Byrne

      Lynda Carter has been amazing through all of this. If she’s not Queen Hippolyta I’m going on strike. haha

    • klandgraf

      That’s why everyone loves her. I completely agree with what she has to say about the new Wonder Woman and I’m already looking forward to it.

    • Linda Trend

      Linda Carter is just a true professional, i don’t agree with her, but I love her none the less, why can’t she be wonder woman( I know not realistic by today;s standards). The outfit is still hideous but there is nothing anyone can do about it, except find it and burn it and put a better one in its place anyone up to the task? Anyone?

    • dee

      she looks a HOT mess and yall know it! she has no shape! the costume is WACK (nothing sexy about it) and neither can campare to the original. this entire thing really has me upset (obviously) they could have done better than this. why try so hard to make some one look like the original when someone can be found that looks closer to the original with a BETTER body. ms. carter you didn’t have to lie you can admit it… i can’t believe the creators couldn’t come up with any thing better than this. the casting director should be FIRED. sooo disappointing

  2. healingmachine

    Adrianne Palicki looks awful. She was badly cast and there’s no getting around it. The storyline is dodgy. The additional characters are being shoehorned in around it.

    Come on, she wasn’t even good when she was Kara (one episode of Smallville), and that’s when she was blonde and without implants.

    I hope someone else takes over and has the sense to recast.

    Lynda Carter is being nice. I doubt she thinks about Wonder Woman in real life 😉

  3. Mystica

    I’m a huge fan of Wonder Woman and the background story behind Wonder Woman and I think Adrianne looks fantastic! I can’t wait to watch the show when it gets picked up as a series. But Lynda Carter should in fact play a major role in the new series as Hippolyta!

  4. BH

    Of course Lynda will be gracious and say such nice things. She’s pure class. But this costume is BAD. No class in this costume.

  5. JPAdames

    I am just very excited that they FINALLY are doing something with the WW Character for TV . I am truly hoping for the best. I will say that even though I think that it was badly cast (she looks like Kelly Clarkson) I hope her acting and story lines make up for it. Fingers are crossed!!!! I would love it if this show was a success!


    Of course a classy actress like Lynda Carter is not going to mock this look of horror. But we as fans will be a voice for this slaughtered icon. Warner Bros. and DC Comics have spit all over not only Wonder Woman & her american flag once costume but us as fans for handing us this Saturday Night Live joke of a Wonder Woman project. The costume appears like a rag off a Halloween USA store @ clearance that was left over because nobody wanted it. Adrianne I’m sorry in no Diana. Her face looks like an oreo with eyes and a smiley face saying FU to Wonder Woman fans. I can see it now. David E. Kelley & Adrianne standing there in front of the DC Comics or Warner Bros. building giving the fans the middle finger. Might as well be after waiting years for a live action Wonder Woman project and then handing us this mess. Fake hair color, fake boobs, crying over Steve Trevor, dancing to Katy Perry, Nightmare of a costume, NOTHING about this sounds or looks good what so ever. DC Comics can burn in hell for trying to defend this like it’s right . Batman would never get this kind of treatment. New costume in the comic book and TV show = Nasty! Hope you all rott for this joke.

    • linda trend

      You are so right, superman,batman…none of the male characters would ever get treated with such disrespect and ill regard……

  7. WhyNotV2

    I can go either way with the WonderWoman series and will let it speak for itself rather than having a bunch of post production stills and clips skew my opinion.

    To those folk ripping the costume, actor choice, etc. just think about Smallville. An underwear model with little to no acting skill playing Clark. No costume, just a blue tshirt and red jacket theme (until the shirt changed to black and the red leather coat came into existance). Added support characters like Chloe, that didn’t exist at all in the comic books or movies. Oh yeah, the biggest one of all…no flying (unless he was the Kal-El persona). How about everyone’s feelings on the “freak of the week” that dictated most of the first season? That’s not even getting into the other characters that their origins, personalities, costumes, etc. were altered. Speaking of costumes, if you want to get a laugh, go back and rewatch the first half dozen or so episodes of Lois and Clark if you want to talk about bad costuming and changes.

    All in all, reserve judgement for the final product, not the raw, non-linear, piecemeal images and footage that have made their way online.

  8. Leonardo

    No one can beat Lynda Carter! not really a big fan of the new outfit, I think they need to keep working on there designs.

    • dee

      a mess! they need to quit working on the design and get someone else to do it. what the hell?!

  9. TonyTitan

    I LOVE Lynda Carter. She has always been an actress of class and kindness. But EVERY mention of the movie, to TV series, she’s always spoke favorably of. Whether it was Sandra Bullock in the lead role, or someone else….she always speaks favorably. The ONLY person I’ve ever heard her “dis” on, is Megan Fox. And that wasn’t even anything THAT bad.

    I’m really stoked for the pilot though. I think Adrienne looks awesome. I do hope, and it’s just a really small detail in WW’s costume…but I hope they put the red ear rings on her. They’d just add that finishing touch. I also hope that she gets boots with heels in non action sequences….much like they did with Lynda Carter’s show. Just adds that touch of sexiness to the character.

    All in all I’m just really looking forward to seeing the pilot, and hoping that it does get picked up for weekly broadcasting.

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