Red Boots For Wonder Woman After All?

red bootsOur friend Christopher Cooley @WonderboyLB is watching the filming at Hollywood Boulevard right now, where he spotted a stunt double with red boots.

Considering all the discussion about the released image, this news should be good for many people. Now, it could be possible that this is just a uniform seen in certain scenes, but we can be hopeful, right?

UPDATE 8:55PM: Chris has Tweeted again and says Adrianne is now on set with RED BOOTS.

Hopefully we’ll have some photos to post tonight. If you happen to get any pics or find some, send ’em our way.


  1. Bobby

    Any other costume changes noted? Belt? Tiara?

    • Craig Byrne

      Looks like the pants are darker now too 🙂

  2. Edward

    i think WONDER WOMAN will be real big hit. from the videos above she is fast. ALL THE HATERS ON THE INTERNET DO NOT LIKE ANY THING. GOOD LUCK MISS PALICKI A.K.A. WONDER WOMAN.

  3. MikoPike

    I very much enjoy how colorful the new outfit is overall, and how it incorporates all of the classic costume elements and reinterprets them, but the red boots really would be a good move.

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