Clearer Shots Of The New Wonder Woman Costume!

Via STS/WENN, Zimbio, and various other sites, some clearer shots of the improved Wonder Woman costume in action have made their way online.

We’ll be adding to this gallery as people e-mail us, so this post may be updated. Obviously, at least one of the photos is not of Adrianne Palicki, but instead, her stunt double. Enjoy:

Wonder Woman Pilot - Adrianne Palicki

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Adrianne Palicki filming in Hollywood on the set of 'Wonder Woman'Los Angeles, California - 29.03.11Mandatory Credit: STS/


  1. David Stewart

    Good pic; but I am not certain that this is an “improved Wonder Woman costume” as you say.
    I think its is possible that it has always looked like this. Maybe the first image was just the result of marketing idiots not knowing when to stop with the photoshop?????

    • Dianna Price

      This is sad altogether. Shes just a mess. People want the real Wonder Woman. Red, White & blue bathing suit style outfit. The kind like the doll is wearing that she is holding. WW, when portrayed by LC was strong, feminine & beautiful. This girl is just not WW – sorry. The suit is ridiculous. Now she looks like shes running in tight Levis! And flats? WTF! Why not just put her in a pair of red sensible loafers. It is not a good business move to piss the base audience off so bad that they refuse to see your show before it starts. If this is going to be how WW will look, I’ll pass.

      • Michael S

        Bleh…that old costume from the 70’s won’t do it for me, although this isn’t quite right either. But I know for sure I don’t want that stupid invisible airplane! Wonder Woman should FLY like she does in the Justice League cartoons!

        She really should have a costume that makes her less vulnerable.

      • Ron

        I definitely agree. Lynda Carter was the best ever.

        I was a big fan of the old show and I growing up watching WW tvshow, the theme song rings in my ear and puts a smile on my face. And seeing the bathing suit costume !

        New Costume SUCKS. Who wears pants? The comics has always portrayed the bathing suit. Even the cartoon. Remaking it to Pants not to mention manly looking pants. UGH. She looks like she has junk in her trunks. No ass either.

        And the new actress. Sorry bad choice. Face is just not very appealing. She is a bit manly on the face. The facial expression running is ugh. Not too appealing.

        Please go back to the bikini costume and recast! That’s all I got to say.

  2. Michael

    I think she looks FABULOUS!!! I so cannot wait for this long overdue venture 🙂

  3. Phoenyx

    It is much better. But I am still not happy with the pants. They should go mini skirt like the 40’s WW or go for molded bikini bottoms that way it covers everything on Adrianne. And the stars should not be on the sides of the pants. Oy…lol. I guess since we leave comments we are hardcore Wonder Woman fans. We just all want the costume that we are so familiar with. I know Adrianne can do this. I totally believe in her!

  4. MikoPike

    Wow, Adianne Palicki looks totally epic in these shots. I can’t wait to see this. I am loving the new costume. The pants recall the diving suit from the original show. Of course I love Lynda Carter’s original but I am so glad they went with a raised emblem instead of cloth or stitching for the logo like the old series.

  5. James

    Hmmm, I don’t know. I still don’t see her as wonder woman. The costume bothers me for some reason. It does not look “heroic” for some reason and not sexy at all. She looks more like Wonder girl aka Donna Troy to me. Not happy with it at all.

    • Belle

      Yeah I agree. Wonder girl, yes, Wonder Women, hmmm…not so sure.

  6. Toby Milhorn

    Maybe this is an outfit Diana from Paradise Island made up then when she got to Man’s World, she started fighting crime and realized she wanted to update that look to the trademark American style (that everyone wants see her in — blue shorts with white stars). Remember when Spider-Man started out, he had on some type of sweatpants and shirt before he modified it into the trademark costum, perhaps?

  7. This is horrible

    This whole outfit looks like cheap and cheesy, something that you would find at Walmart or something made in China. I would be very surprised if this show makes it past a few episode. I am not sure who they hired, but that person who setting this up must be very inexperience. I would have expected the material to be used more like a Batman type of quality and the personality to be richer. This is terrible. With the people that have complained about the first costume and the changes they made tells me they are still not listening.

  8. Rob

    Pants: not thrilled. Top: too tight. Adrianne: great.

    If they’re so concerned about following the current comics plot enough to change the costume why isn’t she flying instead of running?

  9. Angel

    Her pictures look so funny cause of her facial expressions. The ones that aren’t in movement (her running) look better. I still think that there could have been a better option than Adrianne out there, but they choose too soon.

  10. Kat

    Sorry…..but this costume still looks like something you can buy at a costume shop….Unattractive and cheesy…..Lynda Carter’s costume although more revealing had a sort of classiness to it….The no heal boots look awful although the color is great….Even the metal in her costume looked great and not cheap….:(…..

    • Drake24

      I agree this costume sucks its not attractive and I feel niether is the new woman playing Wonder Woman where is the sex appeal and the mini skirt. I want Wonder Woman to excite me not turn me off with her aweful costume and look.

  11. Nick

    Adrianne is beautiful. I like the suit from the waist up. What does the show’s producers have against shorts and pantyhose? That would have driven the ratings up alone. Pants? Please…

  12. cinlou

    I hate the pants! Very cheap looking spandex. They should do something skirted like you would see on a roman soldier, and it should look more like a natural material not made in china spandex. I am thinking leatherish. Wonder woman should look like a gladiator/super herione.

  13. anthony


  14. I am sorry. This costume looks like something you can purchase at Halloweentown for $50.00, I mean, it has none of the sex appeal (sorry, but Wonder Woman is an extremely strong female character who is also wonderfully sexy). The actress looks fine (I guess), but over all I just have to say “Meh, whatever.”

  15. tunastar

    Oh my! I do not know what to say. This is the first I’ve heard of a WW remake. I do not know what to say. Wait, yes I do. What kind of concoction is this poor girl wearing? Flat boots, and slacks? And that plastic top is horrendous. Really guys! Looks like this idea is already doomed to go down in flames. I won’t be there to witness it. That is fore sure.

  16. LH

    Horrible costume. It looks like “soccer mom goes hooking.”

  17. thomas

    i don’t like it at all, the choice of woman does not hold a candle to linda carter or the comic wonder woman. she could stand to be much better looking and more athletic looking. this wonderwoman has no ass.

  18. Name (Required)

    this costume shows no leg
    how can this be wonder woman?

  19. Joe

    Um, she looks like she has armpit hair….Linda Carter’s costume was more modest than this :-/

  20. Rob

    I think the costume is decent. I am more concerned about the writing. She is Wonder Woman and needs to have super strength, speed, bad ass fighting skills, and it would be nice to see her fly. I am glad to see that she is using her lasso. They need to get people who know and understand the Wonder Woman comic book character to write the show. The could even rent the Wonder Woman feature cartoon, or watch any episode of the Justice League Unlimited cartoon that she was in. I do not have millions of dollars, but I could make a comic book faithful version of Wonder Woman. I am rooting for the show, I want it to be good! I am going to be there when it airs and I hope that I enjoy it. When I first heard of Smallville, I thought it was a stupid idea. When I watched I quickly changed my mind and have not missed an episode since. When NBC drops it ( and they will, it does not matter how good it is ) I hope it gets picked up by the CW.

  21. BarryE

    the pants look terrible the rest very average. Who came up with this design?? The LC is so far ahead that it is not funny. How many fans have been lost already????

  22. kal

    I knew they’d f*** this up. The costume is cheesy looking & lacks any class. LC was & will always be WW, at least until such time that Hollywood actually *listens* to fans. Skip this show. I know I won’t be watching.

  23. dru taylor

    She looks great ,except for the pants.she should wear a blue skirt with the original wonderwomen white stArs on the front and back showing off her strong legs.then she will be wonderwomen.

  24. Juda

    The fabric is awful. It looks like what the shiny helium “birthday” balloons are made of. Sorry, this was the kindest comment I could make.

  25. i just want to see Wonder Woman in peril, maybe some of her costume would get ripped?

  26. I too am very disappointed with both the choices of actress and costume. I guess we were spoiled with Lynda Carter, but this actress is too skinny (no muscle tone) and has too many distracting moles. The costume would probably look better on another actress.

    If the scripts and acting are not excellent, then this will be a very short-lived show. Which is a huge disappointment to us WW fans.

  27. Charles

    I think for many fans, no adaptation will be good enough. To make this a new wonder woman and have it stand for its own credits. The pilot episode would have to have Linda Carter passing te magic lasso. I mean the idea that Linda Carters character Dianna returned to her home and became Queen of the Amazons is plausable, and is now sending out her own Daughter as a new Wonder Woman. The ability to update would be easier and give writers a chance to expand on a new Version of Wonder Woman. As far as the costume goes, I think itsnot the best concept, but if you look back there were several versions of the Wonder Woman costume that Linda Carter wore, there was the tradional costume where she would wear a cape, and don’t forget the blue diving suit she wore a couple of times. Not all the costumes will work, but at least they are trying to bring a iconic charater back to tv. The have a great actress to play Wonder Woman, and with great writers this has the potential of beinga great show.

  28. Youbadassmutha

    With all the hype (good and bad) surrounding the show, realistically it won’t last a season because we don’t have a good lead-in. I’m talking about a big-budget Wonder Woman movie (theatrical or TV) to set the stage for the series. Plus a couple of nitpicks here and there (WW is supposed to be a Greek Goddess and an ambassador from her world. Kinda like Superman in a sense where she has to teach us a different way to live using the ancient philosopies of her people to help us become a better civilization). If anything, the show would focus more on geopolitics rather than the corporate boardroom. By the way, I think the costume sucks and not worthy of Wonder Woman. In all honesty, she looks more like a Wonder Girl. But hey, I’m just one guy with an opinion. I’ll still watch the show until it gets cancelled. Good try though.

  29. atalanta

    Are they serious? Diana is the “spirit of truth” not a corporate executive! She would never do that. And that costume is hideous. What’s with all the plastic hood ornament art deco crap. There isn’t anything Greek about that costume nor does it look like any of the variations in the comic books. I’m sorry for the actress but she doesn’t look the part. Why can’t they go to a gymnastics studio and pick someone who has the body and the strength for the part. This girl is pretty but doesn’t have the right features. This looks like another series like soap opera bs like Smallville. Each week you keep hoping to see something that makes sense…and it never does. By the way, the WW costume Lois had on for Halloween was way better. Actually she made a better WW.

  30. This is definitely an improvement over the previous version.

    I’m feeling kindy iffy about this still. I’m going to give it a chance regardless. Although I fear this will attempt to be a more feminine version of Smallville.

  31. Heatguyc

    You people are imposabole for the last ten years we have been watching Tom Welling running around in blue and a red wind braker for ten years and you just keep cheering hem on and now we for the first time sence the 90’s we get a legitimate superhero show with an updated look and all you can do is rag on the costume, pleas give me a brake.

  32. Albert

    Im just not sure about this costume…?!? I am so glad that they even considered to remake the show but the Tiara is ugly, it looks like a faded old dull brown and she is not wearing the Red earrings either… The boots are kool but they should be the heels not flat manly construction worker boots… IDK but I cant wait to see the new show… Wonder Woman still rules!

  33. Rengaw

    With Smallville gone now any new superhero TV show would be welcome, especially a new Wonder Woman, they can always change her costumes up during the series, starting with this old original is fine but eventually they need to get her into the red white & blue bikini.

  34. jmgonzales

    the pants are okay – it’s the new costume in the comic book

    it’s the belt that doesn’t mesh – it’s too bulky

    the belt, tiara and eagle crest are all too similar – maybe they should veer away from similarity and veer towards impact

    the hair too is weird – why is it parted

    i love her height!!! Her makeup isn’t done well – Adrianne is more beautiful than that!

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