More Wonder Woman Video From @WonderboyLB

This video from Christopher Cooley (@WonderboyLB) might be his best yet.

Wonder Woman is filming again this evening. Could there be some more Wonder-ful sightings on their way?


  1. Rima Fakih

    So…What do you guys think? Too harsh :(??

    Critic’s notes – WW is top news story on Yahoo! today:

    “This new WONDER WOMAN show will be dead on arrival. The concept is
    preposterous even by superhero standards, the costumes are Halloween
    rejects, and Adrianne Palicki is *brutally* miscast as Wonder Woman. Palicki
    doesn’t have the facial beauty or the sculptured body type to play the
    character not to mention that her harshly configured facial expressions
    leave her looking either annoyed or constipated instead of fierce and in
    complete command.
    Bad choice for a show that will be difficult to get an audience for in the
    first place.”

    “Wonder Woman is suppose to be as beautiful as Aphrodite, as wise as Athena,
    stronger than Hercules, and swifter than Mercury. And they chose Palicki?”

    • Erik Estradsa

      I think you hit the nail on the head exactly! I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

  2. hippolyto5

    :-(…. more I see and more I am convinced it will be a failure….I feel all wrong ….so sad…

  3. jbd130

    I am sorry. The outfit is STILL awful looking. Skinny jeans, flats, laytex wrinkled tops, & stringy hair???? WE WANT WONDER WOMAN DAMMIT!!!!!!!!! Big, thick black sexy hair, red knee-high boots with a white pinstripe going down the front with sexy heals and a blue and white star spangled bathing-suit style bottom. Accented with shiny gold belt and tiara & magic lasso, not this tarnished brass (or should I say plastic) crap. RED, WHITE & BLUE! Hell, might as well put her in red sensible loafers. It looks ridiculous. There is nothing feminine or sexy about the way she looks. SHE SHOULD LOOK GLAMOROUS! This outfit is a mess and I rate it right there with Kathy Crosby’s outfit in ’74. If the cannot get it right after 2 attempts that tells you this will be another remake flop. I will not watch it unless they get the outfit right. WE WANT WONDER WOMAN! NOT THIS HOT-MESS!

    • Erik Estrada

      I definitely agree that this new outfit (and blame it on DC Comics for revamping the recent comic book character and fixing something that was never broken) was unbecoming. Being one of the mllions of fans out there that practically grew up with the series in the mid to late 70’s (as well as TV sindication), it is going to be extremely challanging to please the fans. Before any series is made, Producers please do your homework: buy the comics, view the latest WB dvds and do it right. Yes, Wonder Woman flies (not in an invisible jet plane anymore like the Golden and Silver age character but actually flies with the power given to her by Hermes). This character, if done correctly, can kick Zena, and all the other shows of similar context out of the water (and believe me, I loved Zena). There is so much new origins and history to work with, as well as, a number of vogue villians to use.

      NBC, in my opinion, definitely did the right thing by not picking up the series and hopefully an undiscovered new talent can get it as close to perfect as possible. Hey, as I recall Lynda Carter’s first pilot episode was aired one year before it became a hit series on ABC, then afterwards picked up by CBS for the new adventures after WWII. Prior to that, Kathy Lee Crosby made a movie which featured a Nubia type nemisis, (yes, Kathy’s version of Wonder Woman had a skirt type outfit with pants) and prior to that the producers of the TV show Batman wanted to add a bit of humor to their version of the Amazon Princess (now Ambassador). Its going to be hard to beat a legendary series after Lynda Carter but it won’t be impossible with all the tech and TV magic we have access to today.

  4. rod owens

    Why is WW chasing on foot when she can fly???????

  5. G3ckO

    While i do agree with the posts above, i can perhaps grow to like Palicki as WW, if the script is ok, and/or the action is stunning, but why on earth do they have to give her that suit. It’s preposterous. I am willing to give this show i chance if they forget about those long ass pants or w/e and give her the damn WW shorts/bikini/underwear.

  6. Manx

    3 episodes then yanked. Its insulting to fans of the character and the comics. NBC has learned nothing from their butchering of Bionic Woman.I won’t even waste my time on this hot mess. The lead could play Wonder Girl ,but she is no amazon princess

  7. JCS

    This is a BAD looking WW. They should can this now instead of wasting time and money only to can later, cause they will. I don’t see this getting ratings to sustain an on-going series. Here is an idea, now that Smallville is closing its run why not get Justin Hartley back in his swim trunks and give Mercy Reef (aka Aquaman) a proper try. Just a thought

  8. bkh

    I’m not so sure, I mean, sure this video makes it look not so hot, but the concept could be really cool. I’m not familiar with this actress so I couldn’t tell wether or not she’s good. I’m thinking I’d like to see a whole pilot. maybe she’s not good but maybe all the supporting actors are in which case it could be great. I say give it a chance before you completely reject it.

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