NBC President Robert Greenblatt Reveals That We Will See Wonder Woman In Shorts

In a short new interview at TVLine, NBC president Robert Greenblatt reveals that the new TV Wonder Woman (Adrianne Palicki) will have multiple costumes.

Beware of spoilers!

There was an initial outcry about the long pants – you know, skintight pants as opposed to those little shorts [worn by Lynda Carter in the original TV series],” Greenblatt told TVLine. “But the shorts were always planned. They are actually used in the final confrontation when she beats Veronica Cale (played by Elizabeth Hurley).”

The alternative costume seen on Hollywood Blvd. was apparently always part of the plan, he said. “We haven’t made any changes from what was planned,” he assured. “But it’s always good to hear the feedback. I’d rather have people really passionately engaged in conversation, even if they hate something, than be kind of bored.”

Greenblatt is aware of some criticism the leaked pilot script got online, but he still sounds confident. “There’s always critiques of everything,” he said. “If we listen to all of that, we would probably never be able to get the job done. David’s a great writer… and I actually think he’ll bring an intelligence to [the show] that other … writers might not. I think it’s going to be interesting to see it cut together.” As for the finished product, what are the chances of Wonder Woman landing on our TV screens this Fall?

“I’ve been doing this long enough to know that nothing is a safe bet,” he told TVLine. “Even with the best of intentions and the best people, you just don’t know until you see it finished – and we’re a few weeks away from that. But it’s been getting a lot of attention. A lot.”

NBC will unveil their Fall 2011 lineup in May.


  1. It’s weird to see Wonder Woman’s (lower half) on the original costume be referred to as shorts. I always thought of it as an over-sized underwear. b/c it’s not shorts in the traditional sense.

    • Jason

      when she was first created she did wear shorts

  2. MikoPike

    WOO-WOO! What wonderful news! I am open to change, and I like the newer outfit for the show with the pants as well as the jacketed number from the comics, but for pure modern iconography nothing holds a candle to Wonder Woman’s world famous classic outfit. I suspect the plot of the show will have Wonder Woman change her costume back to the classic one due to public reaction, and based on how the internet reaction has unfolded, the show’s ability to anticipate this entire scenario is an indication that something intelligent is in the works. Adrianne Palicki’s beauty and epic stature filled out the costume admirably in the recent photos from the pilot fimling, I can’t wait to see how she brings the classic costume to life. I was already brimming with anticipation to see the amazing Amazon back in action but now hopefully more fans can relax and enjoy the ride. HOLA!

  3. ChrisGiannaris

    Great news. I had thought something like this was the case when I saw “Diana” holding the doll in the picture. The doll had the traditional costume.

  4. Angel

    Well, I for one do like the “Adrianne Palicki” look (the redesign and “pants”) I do hope that the writers do an awesome job and put most of the “nay-sayers” in their place. As for the possibility of Ms. Palicki wearing something similar to the “original” outfit (short-shorts?) at the end of the pilot would be a lot of fun to see.

  5. Grag

    We already had a hint of this in the photo of Diana T, actually. The WW doll she’s holding has the traditional starred shorts.

  6. Christopher DC

    Before anyone gets too excited over this news, and especially before anyone dares to think the “real” costume will get prevalence over any of the others displayed, it should be noted that Adrianne Palicki only wears the fan-preferred costume in one scene, in the closing minutes of the pilot film. Historically, one actress after another has shied away from playing the Amazon Princess because they didn’t want to wear the iconic costume, and it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that Adrianne only agreed to wear it on the condition it would make but a brief appearance, and then never be worn again (along with a bit of dialogue about how ridiculous and outdated it was, in order to justify its permanent retirement). I’m a traditionalist, and I think Adrianne would cut a dashing figure in the original costume, but facts must be faced: the new Wonder Woman is being overseen by people who don’t care about the character’s history or established background, and are far more interested in creating a brand new fan base rather than nurturing the one that already exists. Indeed, from everything that’s been leaked about this series so far, it’s very unlikely we’ll be seeing Wonder Woman in any costume at all for longer than a scene or two each episode. It’s nice that the producers are throwing a bone at all us long-time fans, and I hope they snap a publicity photo or two of Adrianne Palicki in the “classic” uniform for posterity’s sake, but even if the pilot goes on to a full series I’m not kidding myself that I’ll ever see Wonder Woman in her proper attire once the show is underway. Such are the times we live in.

  7. ravenwolf

    Of course they are interested in creating a NEW fan base. It seems like the one that already exists are complainers and petty asses. Why not relaunch something new?! Did people complain when Tim Burton made a darker BATMAN rather then the campy Adam West version?! NO?! So give it up already. You are probably a much older person if you remember the Carter version. Let it go! And unless you are privy to info the rest of us don’t have, you shouldn’t be talking out of your ass. Who knows, maybe if the show goes to air, maybe they’ll have her in different WONDER WOMAN costumes that have been featured in the comic. But that might bother you still it seems. Just know she wears it and kicks ass in it.

    • Christopher DC

      As ravenwolf implies, I am indeed a very old man at 45, though thanks to the miracle of DVD it doesn’t take a senior citizen like myself to have seen the original Wonder Woman series and appreciate the good job Lynda Carter did (not to mention that Carter had the stones not only to wear the comic-book costume but lent it an air of dignity which Adrianne Palicki could probably achieve as well, were she given the chance to do so). I get ravenwolf’s point about Tim Burton’s take on Batman as opposed to the old TV show with Adam West, and it’s a good point to make; sometimes upgrades can be a good thing. But one thing the two Batman projects had in common was they made some kind of effort to adhere to the original source material; even as campy as the old TV show was, the first season of BATMAN had a legitimate aura of danger, and Bruce Wayne even mentions in the pilot that his parents had been murdered by criminals. Also, for Burton’s take on Batman, no one suggested any radical changes to the classic Batman costume: it was stil black, it still had a utility belt, and it had a black bat-insignia on a yellow shield. So why should Wonder Woman have to have such a complete makeover? It’s not being a complainer to want to see her treated with the same respect that Superman and Batman have been shown in the past; those other iconic characters have been translated to TV and film for (literally) decades, but no one has ever altered their origins or costumes to the degree that Wonder Woman is being changed for her new series. And no, I’m not privy to any special information regarding how the TV series is going to handle the costume issue, I was only applying “Hollywood logic” to the subject (costumes cost extra money + actors don’t really like wearing them = keep appearances in costume to the bare minimum). For ravenwolf, and for anyone else who thinks I’m being a stuffed shirt for making such an issue out of the costume, watch the first season of Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman and notice what a good job she does with such scanty attire. Then come back and tell me I should “let it go.”

  8. As for the possibility of Ms. Palicki wearing something similar to the “original” outfit (short-shorts?) at the end of the pilot would be a lot of fun to see.

    that would work!

  9. Tom Delgado

    I am holding judgement until the show is on the air. I love the character and have seen the original Carter version as a kid when it went into syndication; but I think that it makes no real sense to trash a show when we know very little about it.

  10. EDWARD


  11. ravenwolf

    Superman hasn’t been treated well at all. Smallville has had no TRUE Superman costume, which is an insult to a true Superman fan. But it’s been on the air for 10 years. I only hope they send him off in the suit, but I don’t think it will happen. You can’t even see the new batman logo on the new Nolan suit, but I’ve heard zero complaints about that, because I’m not looking for that, I know it’s there and it’s not important. I think Adrianne knew that being cast in WONDER WOMAN, she would have to wear the outfit. I think any actress with a brain would understand that. I watched all the seasons of Carter’s WONDER WOMAN is it is incredibly dated and full of cheddar. Is she sexy, sure, I’d bang her, but there is always room for something new. It’s time for an update, lets see what they have in store for the viewers. ALL OF THEM, OLD AND NEW!!

  12. Adam

    I’m almost 30 and remember Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman in re-runs and loved the original suit however comics saw fit to mondernize womnder woman with a new costume before this pilot was filmed. New costume includes pants. They are trying to get a more positive and approptiate role model for younger readers of the comic. The display of women in comic has always been as skimpy as possible. Womder Woman should be set at a higher standard especially since more females and younger ones at that are reading comics. It’s not just for the boys anymore. It never made sense to me that someone would get into a gun fight wearing what can be described as a batheing suit. Look at supergirl she has that mini skirt but they never explain how when she lands her skirt doesn’t fly up. My point is a costume is just a costume. It should be based on how the character is played and treated in the show. If it was all about costume Smallville would never have made it past Season 2. I mean the Superboy TV series was horribly campy for Superman but it had the costume and flopped after 4 seasons. Smallville is ending at a respectable 10 seasons with only showing hints of and then a matrix style full costume. It’s all about substance not style.

  13. Dru Taylor

    She looks wonderful, with her great smile & great body, Adrianne Palicki has made the magic hit the screen again. Her costume looks super awesome, the pants are looking better every time I see another scene of her in the Pilot set takes featured on utube. It will be a dream come true to see her in the original WonderWoman shorts in the final confrontation. Just an idea having a different costume every spin may make the show more exciting. The original costume then the blue tights look, then a blue skirt with white stars look to take WonderWoman to a new level of glamour, then all WonderWoman fans will be happy.

  14. elza

    i’m sorry i love wonder woman and I really don’t feel like criticizing the forthwoming NBC show but the costume is so wrong, so cheap, the tiara and the bots look awful… I’m so so so sad right now because I really don’t want this show to fail… Why didn’t they go to a real designer? I don’t know Jean-Paul Gaultier or Dolce & Gabbana, anyone!

  15. Clarice Steams

    So…any news on this or is the whole production dead in the water now??

    • Craig Byrne

      Clarice – there generally is very little news between the time a pilot finishes shooting and when a network announces their Fall schedule in late May.

  16. Christopher DC

    I think what Clarice meant to ask was, are they still filming the pilot, or is principal photography complete? There’s been no news (and no publicity stills) from the pilot at all since the night shoot in LA and the one photo of Adrianne Palicki holding the Wonder Woman figurine.

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