Wonder Woman Pilot Status Update

As they’ve been editing the Wonder Woman pilot, there hasn’t been a lot of news lately.

However, Nellie Andreeva at Deadline has posted her latest round-up of pilot progress, and it sounds like there’s no real word as to which direction Wonder Woman will go. Here’s what was said:

Meanwhile, NBC’s highest-profile drama pilot, David E. Kelley’s WONDER WOMAN, is still in post-production. Like every high-profile project, it has its early detractors but we will reserve judgment until there is a cut.

NBC will be revealing their Fall 2011 schedule on May 16, 2011.


  1. jmgonzales

    i think it would be better for the character to travel through time as three (3) incarnations of Wonder Woman: The World War II Wonder Woman, the 70s Wonder Woman, and the current one.

    this would neatly tie up all the generations of WW fans in one convergent Paradise island. no feuding Amazons here darlings.

    i believe her mother, Hippolyta did this when Diana died in the comic book, where she donned the WW mantle and went back in time to correct the present.

    i wish the TV series lotsa luck: and one more thing>> she needs to bulk up like Jennifer Garner! More jawline! More muscle! More attitude!

    Thanks Wonder Woman team! 😀

  2. jmgonzales

    Adrianne’s pretty, but the hair is completely wrong!
    It’s very Mad Men — wrong, wrong, wrong!

  3. MikoPike

    Wow, I would have thought with the tremendous amount of free publicity this show is already generating it would have been a total lock, here’s to hoping we get to see Wonder Woman return to television this fall… *fingers crossed*

  4. Christopher DC

    Normally a TV project that was getting paid this much attention would indeed be a lock, as MikoPike says. Unfortunately, much of the publicity surrounding the pilot has been about its flaws rather than its virtues. Adrianne Palicki appears to be perfectly cast as Wonder Woman, and the supporting actors are no slouches either. But everyone seems in agreement that the script is very weak (even with the alleged “eleventh-hour” doctoring it underwent) and doesn’t show a lot of respect to the Amazon Princess; she’s now a businesswoman by day and vigilante crimefighter by night, who indulges in pajama parties and ice cream, keeps a private collection of techno-geeks for comic relief, and cries herself to sleep at night mooning over Steve Trevor (let’s not forget the fact that Steve is now a Justice Department lawyer and [reportedly] has no interest in pursuing a romantic relationship with one of the most beautiful and powerful women on Earth). So the biggest question behind the pilot is not whether Wonder Woman can defeat Veronica Cale’s evil schemes, but can Adrianne Palicki & Company prove to be better actors than David Kelley is an action-adventure script writer? In my heart of hearts I truly hope they can, because I’d love to see Wonder Woman make it as a live action series…and it wouldn’t be the first time a TV series overcame a weak-kneed pilot and went on to have a solid, healthy run.

  5. C

    This is crazy,Please stop wasting time and money on shows like this if they’re not going to do it right! This lady is far from Wonder Women,and we all know it! NBC was very wise about passing on this one,I would be sooo embarrased to turn out this project!

  6. David Diaz

    I have been dreaming of an epic Wonder Woman, however, I seriously doubt that it will go far without better publicity. Still, WW has great potential, perhaps Lynda Carter should give it a wave. I’m sure that she has at least one great and fabulous idea for her old friend Diana Prince. Heck even I, a nobody, have a interesting idea, however it would be with either HBO or Starz. Break a leg…

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