In An Upfronts Recap, Vulture Has Interesting Speculation About Wonder Woman

Maybe it’s not between Wonder Woman and Harry’s Law after all.

In a run-down of what the TV networks may do when they announce their Fall 2011 schedules next year, Vulture’s Josef Adalian had this interesting speculation about something that may happen with Wonder Woman:

“We’d also like to go on record with our (potentially silly) theory about Wonder Woman: Since David E. Kelley is likely to get a pickup for Harry’s Law, what if NBC were to green-light Kelley’s superwoman and announce that a new show-runner was coming onboard Woman so DEK could focus on Harry’s?”

You can read the entire Vulture column here. NBC will be announcing their new schedule in one week, on Monday, May 16.


  1. Christopher DC

    Assuming “Wonder Woman” actually gets the green light from NBC, Josef Adalin may be onto something. For all of David Kelley’s previous comments about wanting to write outside his “confort zone,” it doesn’t seem that impulse lasted for very long while writing his initial draft script for the Wonder Woman pilot; things such as making Steve Trevor into an attorney and Wonder Woman into an angst-ridden career-driven corporate type doesn’t exactly take Kelley into new, uncharted territories with his writing skills. It may keep the series from floundering if Kelley is wise enough to step back and let someone with a better feel for the superhero/action-adventure genre serve as the senior executive producer while he concentrates on “Harry’s Law.” If the ultimate goal of the new Wonder Woman is to make the character more three-dimensional than she was in the Lynda Carter era, there’s nothing wrong with that–but does Kelley rellly think the average viewer is tuning in to see the Amazon Princess struggle more with her inner demons than anything Veronica Cale can throw at her? At the end of the day, the best man or woman to supervise the “Wonder Woman” TV series has to be someone who can strike a balance between human drama and the elements of the fantastic, and the jury’s still out as to whether David Kelley’s really the right person for the job.

  2. MikoPike

    I agree with everything Cristopher DC just said, and keeping in mind that Kelley moving away from the project is still rampant speculation, I would like to add that while I have been enthusiastically backing this project with all my fanboy might, giving a character a corporate position in the higher echelon is not a great way to make said character more relatable. Perhaps certain economic brackets (that the peacock network is fond of) thrill to scenes of meetings where wall street jargon is tossed around, but I would quite imagine that the average viewer is nearer to my income level, which generally involves a certain level of ire towards CEOs, especially at the moment. If your main character’s hirelings are running around in suits that would cost a month of your target audience’s wage, you’re not in much danger of creeping into relatable territory. On the other hand, this is Wonder Woman for goodness’ sake, we want her inspiring girls (heck, everyone) to believe they can do anything, and I suppose she can’t do that waiting tables at Denny’s. Well, all that aside I still have my fingers crossed for a season green light…

  3. Jay

    while I am skeptical about the show, I’d like to atleast see the Pilot episode, from that we can properly judge whether or not it should continue as a series (we being the TV views/fan bases)

  4. Brad

    Uh, the fact that Wonder Woman actually says ‘my tits…’ when referring to her anatomy compared to that of a doll in her image, tells me that this will be one gigantic, fan FAILURE.
    The fact that she outright MURDERS a man is another matter in itself.
    Networks have proven year after year, after year, that they have NOT A CLUE when it comes to quality, budget supporting programming. Cherry picking the average moron off the street to evaluate and comment upon future projects or pilots is just one in a long list of BAD MOVES that network executives make when deciding what goes on and when. Stupid does as stupid says…
    As a fan of Wonder Woman since before the Lynda Carter (4 ever the benchmark) series, I’m already mourning the ‘dead before it was killed’ chance of a fresh, new start for the character. DC Comics is every bit as culpable for the outcome here as well. They do little or nothing to see that the characters that made the company what it is, get treated with the care and respect they deserve. Wonder Woman has been passed over more times than a salad bar on an all you can eat Vegas junket. Dr. Marston’s legacy deserves better. A LOT better…

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