Gallery: More Images Of Erica Durance As Wonder Woman!

The episode of Harry’s Law featuring Erica Durance as a woman who thinks she’s Wonder Woman is airing on January 11, and now NBC has released a gallery of images from the show, which is called “Gorilla My Dreams.”

How does Erica look? Better than Adrianne Palicki? You be the judge…. and don’t forget to tune in Wednesday, January 11. Harry’s Law. As NBC used to say in the 80’s, “Be There!”


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HARRY'S LAW -- "Gorilla My Dreams" Episode 211 -- Pictured: Erica Durance as Wonder Woman/Annie Bilson -- Photo by: Vivian Zink/NBC


  1. Paul

    Can not wait to see her episode!
    She’s fit! better than Palicki for sure

  2. Rox

    Erica looks absolutely stunning as Wonder Woman!

  3. Erica is perfect as Wonder Wonder & beautiful as ever. Hope there is a Wonder Woman series with Erica. We miss her on TV.

  4. agkom

    Yep! Durance is both Lois & Wonder Woman!

  5. SupaHype

    um… strangely enough she actually looks better as WW than the other lady. But if they ever did use her than it pretty much nullifies any chance of ever seeing Tom Welling on the show (even though its not actually a show right now)… so… stick with the other lady.

  6. Dil

    Erica Durance has Wonder Women, No way man. I wont wast my time. But Adrianne Palicki she is the better choice. And i think Adrianne is way hotter in a W.W costume than Erica.

  7. Dil

    Sorry rox, i dont think Erica is stunning as W.W. But Adrianne, she is the better choice.

  8. Martin Rojas

    Sorry but the outfit looks stupid. Lynda Carter left way too big shoes to boots to be fill. Dont like the custome at all

  9. Danny McKinney

    I think a Wonder Woman should do a serious casting instead. I casted Alexandra Daddario to play “The Amazing Amazon”

  10. ljusa

    Back with dc already? She looks like a great Wonder Woman and we know she can do the action from her role as Lois Lane on Smallville We also know she has experience with CW, superheroes, and superhero origin shows. She should star on CW’s show Amazon(the Wonder Woman version of Smallville) next year!

  11. Anthony

    I would love to see a new Wonder woman series and a movie in general. yet, WB would stupidly trying to make her realistic and gritty, and overly done seriousness and a lack of certain degree of wittiness would be a stupid idea. I want it to actually want a DC series to actually be fun to watch like in the original wonder woman show was! i mean, it’s like Hollywood would just make her into a female version of 300. and since they have no idea of Amazon culture, they would be making her misandry like Frank Miller did in Dark Knight Strikes Again and All-Star Batman and Robin. And one of the problem is Warner Bros holds all the rights to DC Comics, which in turn really limits the potential of many great comic book movie’s. Because if they are not interested or willing to put the effect into a character, we don’t get the films. I wish DC Comics would invest in spreading their characters out to other studio’s giving them the rights to develop DC Comic movie’s of their own. i mean Diana’s mythological roots are no more, maybe less, confusing than Thor’s–look how much of the major action that furthers the plot in the Thor film takes place in Asgard. Also, the traditional DC version of the Amazons had positive values besides just clobbering people. in today’s market WB would probably give her a machine gun, which is very UNFITTING for her style and image, for goodness sake.

    Are DC and WB worried about using a heroine based on Greece-Roman myths will alienate the scores of new Christians who now love Superman after the Messianic messages in Man of Steel? possibly, Goyer can’t write women as ya know PEOPLE.

    What can be effin’ simpler? Wonder Woman – beautiful woman with a history based in Greek mythology which is referenced EVERYWHERE – kicks ass in the world. She has the power to make people tell the truth, she can render guns useless with a gesture (bracelets), and is strong enough to lift a building. She’s an advocate for peace, but she will meet violence with violence. What is so complicated? It seems to me that Wonder Woman shouldn’t be a hard film to make. It might be a hard film to make interesting to a wide audience. There have been multiple modern films that use Ancient Greek cultures effectively. Not that I personally liked any of them, but they sure made money if I recall correctly. Percy Jackson, Clash of The Titans, and 300. It would seem that for some reason everyone BUT DC can figure out how to market that type of story. Weird.

    Interesting a wide audience – Girls finally getting their own big damn superhero up on the big screen. Maybe a McDreamy or McSteamy Steve Trevor. For us guys? The classic costume, and the actress who fills it. Lynda Carter anyone?

    Interesting a wide audience – Girls finally getting their own big damn superhero up on the big screen. Maybe a McDreamy or McSteamy Steve Trevor. For us guys? The classic costume, and the actress who fills it. Lynda Carter anyone? Not literally. But she has aged quite well. She should be Hyppolyta. But Lynda Carter drew in LOTS of non-nerd men to watch Wonder Woman. We need a great looking woman who can act, who can pull it off. Rose McGowan. Angie Harmon. Cote DePablo. Melina Kanakaredes (she’s actually Greek.)

    Also they need to know that Wonder Woman is a full blown superhero. And DC is afraid of superheroes. Meanwhile, Marvel gives us a racoon with machine guns and an Ent with horrible anger management issues, and we’re thrilled. Many reasons: 1) It’s established that the WB is clueless: they have 0 idea what to do with Superman: Man of Steel is *proof* of that!

    2) The Wonder Woman 2011 pilot was as bad as you can imagine, for the reason previous stated. NBC made the right call in passing on it. I knew that David E. Keller would be wrong for Wonder Woman and sadly I was proven right.

    3) Wonder Woman needs a *valid* reason for leaving her homeland and risk losing her birthright. Wonder Woman was created in 1942 as a response to World War II. Today Wonder Woman needs a modern world but at the same time, have it traditional and classic and a way and make it great as well.
    i would say, DC, WB, take a good long look – This is the real and TRUE image of what wonder woman looks like!

  12. Chantal Grey

    They are both great actresses but I think that Adrianne should play Wonder Women because it would nice for the occasional appearance from the other super-friends. Which means Tom Welling as Clark Kent and Erica Durance as Lois Lane and maybe an appearance from some of the others from Smallville. It would be nice to see the new wonder women take off were smallville left off. I loved the show, I’m a huge superman fan. I have watched smallville at least 4 times now, I really wish they would have continued it.

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