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iFanboy Reviews The Wonder Woman Pilot – With Screen Captures

The Wonder Woman pilot has started to be seen by some people, and while unfortunately we haven’t seen it, despite running the largest fan site for it (Anyone want to hook us up?), the website iFanboy is the latest to post a review… complete with some screen captures that show what would have been. (Adrianne Palicki looks great in these caps).

You can find iFanboy’s mostly-positive review here. And again, if anyone can get the pilot our way, please contact us.

It’s Official: NBC Has Passed On Wonder Woman

Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that NBC has indeed passed on the Wonder Woman project. For those reading who might not be familiar with television, it means that it’s unlikely WW will ever air.

The project has had a mixed reaction every time more information about it would come out. While we do want Wonder Woman back on television, it sounds like a lot of changes need to be made, and it could have been an expensive disaster. This news is unfortunate, but maybe it means an even better Wonder Woman project will come later.

More thoughts and news to come later. A certain TV series finale is keeping me a bit busy at the moment….

Not So Fast: Variety Says Wonder Woman Is Not Happening

It’s on, it’s off, it’s on, it’s off. The entire development of David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman project seems to have gone that way. While TVByTheNumbers posted encouraging news last night, Variety is claiming the opposite. “It looks like Wonder Woman won’t be flying anytime soon at NBC,” the Variety article says.

They do say that Chuck may have a 13-episode order, so fans of that show may at least be happy.

NBC announces their Fall 2011 schedule on Monday, though talent – if their series are picked up – will start traveling to New York tomorrow, so we’ll probably know for sure sooner. If Wonder Woman doesn’t happen, we’ll have some thoughts…

Podcast Review Of The Actual Wonder Woman Pilot

Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

Scott Carelli happened to be at Universal Studios when he was brought in to screen a TV show pilot that’s in contention for Fall 2011 airing. At first, he thought it was something like House, before realizing that it was the Wonder Woman plilot.

Turns out Scott is also involved with Geekshow Entertainment, and he just recorded a podcast where he talks about what he thought of the pilot. You can listen to the show here.

What did he think?

Read more ...

In An Upfronts Recap, Vulture Has Interesting Speculation About Wonder Woman

Maybe it’s not between Wonder Woman and Harry’s Law after all.

In a run-down of what the TV networks may do when they announce their Fall 2011 schedules next year, Vulture’s Josef Adalian had this interesting speculation about something that may happen with Wonder Woman:

“We’d also like to go on record with our (potentially silly) theory about Wonder Woman: Since David E. Kelley is likely to get a pickup for Harry’s Law, what if NBC were to green-light Kelley’s superwoman and announce that a new show-runner was coming onboard Woman so DEK could focus on Harry’s?”

You can read the entire Vulture column here. NBC will be announcing their new schedule in one week, on Monday, May 16.

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