NBC Picks Up <em>Wonder Woman!!!</em>

NBC Picks Up Wonder Woman!!!

Deadline.com is reporting that NBC is going forward with a pilot for David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman after all!

This change of heart likely comes after NBC’s more firm executive and ownership transitions of late. Additionally, Kelley’s Harry’s Law performed well in the ratings last week, which surely showed Kelley off as someone that NBC might want to work with.

Here’s how the Deadline article describes the project:

The project is described as a reinvention of the iconic D.C. comic in which Wonder Woman — aka Diana Prince — is a vigilante crime fighter in L.A. but also a successful corporate executive and a modern woman trying to balance all of the elements of her extraordinary life.

Let’s also hope that NBC has Bridget Regan’s phone number handy. (No, not gonna let that one go…)

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  1. Jen

    This might be a good thing. As long as they don’t destroy the character of Wonder Woman the way the producers of Smallville destroyed Clark Kent/Superman, I’ll be reasonably happy. I’m not going to count on anything better, however.

    • Sammy

      Jen, I am 48 years old and have seen every episode of Smallville and it has been on for 10 years. So you opinion is just that, your opinion and a rather closed mind one at that. I have comic books that are over 40 years old and have been a fan of Superman all my life.

    • Bgg1175

      There are 2 comments here attacking Smallville and both could not be more wrong!
      Jen’s comment could not be more wrong! Ive read DC comics Superman titles, seen the 5 movies, the animated show, Lois &Clark, and what Smallville did was improve the character and his story greatly! In many ways, the character of Superman/Clark Kent had never been developed until this show. All there was to him was “Im Superman, but I pretend to be Kent.”
      But if you prefer a hollow character with no depth, who seems to never have a true struggle in life, then there are decades of Superman material presented in that way!
      The worst attempt of an attack is from Daniel!
      Gough and Millar’s Smallville was filled with greatness! Seasons 1-7 were incredible! Great casting, writing, acting etc.! We had Lionel and Lex constantly chasing Clarks secret as Clark was just discovering he was not normal. And a great change was villians getting their powers from kryptonite! The “Metoer Freak” angle was brilliant and they could get on w/the story instead of dealing with the origin of the bad guy. As for Aquaman, a network not picking it up does not mean it was bad or reflect on another show, thats absurd! As for Gough and Millar leaving they never intended to do the show 10 years. But the show was so good it kept getting extended. As for continuity, the only problem there was cause when the current producers broke away from the plan. Seasons 1-7 was about bringing realism and plausibility to the Superman mythos. Seasons 8-10 have become more similar to past incarnations. Gough and Millar were not going to have Clark put on the nice looking but stupid costume, because though its iconic, no one would wear it in reality.
      So unfortunately the show will not end with the realism and brilliance it had years 1-7.
      I dont know how Jen+ Daniel could be that wrong, but they are!

  2. Nick

    Great! I hope she wears the traditional costume with pantyhose and boots.

  3. William Vilon

    I hope that they do as good of a job with Wonder Woman as they did with Smallville. Smallville was wonderfully written & Justice should be done for Wonder Woman in the same way. They need Gough & Millar to start with the series, they’ll take the character right back to it’s routes & develope it right. I just hope it’s not going to be like the original. They need to focus on the origin story for the first 4 seasons then have her be the Character full out in the next 4. Let’s go for 8 seasons of Wonder Woman!!!!!!!! A development story like Smallville would be perfect. Kinda like between the ol’ Zena & Smallville combined. Now there’s an idea.

    • Daniel

      William you are so wrong on this subject Al Gough and Miles Miller are the last people to be left in charge. Of running a comic book based tv series they nearly destroyed Smallville the show didn’t get better until after they left. The aquaman pilot didn’t get picked up because the studio saw how they werre running Smallville. They would have screwed up that series as well and damaged aquaman’s future. Al and Miles problem is they never stuck with a solid end date first it was Season 5 then Season 7 now it’s ending in 4 months. That’s double what the original plan was and there’s no clear sign if the show can fix the huge continuity hole. That is everyone knowing Clark before he started wearing glasses including Lex.

      As for Wonder Woman this outline doesn’t sound good the only thing i’m familiar with when it comes to Wonder Woman. Is she lived on paradise island and was unfamiliar with the ‘man world’ above all else the show should be faithful to the comics. And both Al and Miles would be wrong for the job I mean look at how they screwed up Spider-man 2.

      • Andrew

        You’re kidding right? Nothing you just said made sense. Spiderman 2 was the only decent movie of the three. And Smallville is it’s own continuity. There are no holes. It makes it’s own rules and therefore is justified. there is nothing to fix because there is nothing wrong. You would be completely foolish to say that it should follow the comics, when the comics themselves disagree with one another. They are all separate universes.

        • phoenixqueen

          I agree with Andrew. Spiderman 2 rocked (I have this pet peeve about superheroes never telling even the ones closest to them their secret identities) and Smallville is the best show ever. Enough said.

  4. Patrick

    I’ll reserve judgment on this news until we see the actual show. It could be awesome, or it could SUCK. And I agree that Bridget Regan would be the perfect choice for the role. I’m nervous about it being on NBC though. Their track record lately kinda sucks. Though with Chuck, and now The Cape, they’re making headway into the comic/nerd market, so maybe Wonder Woman could fit in with them.
    Of course, the other big question after “who’s going to be the star?” is “what’s her costume going to be?”. I know most folks will probably want the traditional costume(and I’ll be honest, I would LOVE to see Bridget Regan wearing it), but I’m not sure they could make it work unless the show took a more lighthearted tone than I’m interested in. I think the outfit she’s currently wearing in the comics is probably going to be the best choice for a tv show. After all, there’s a reason we haven’t seen the classic Superman suit on Smallville yet. Making a classic superhero costume work in today’s world is very tough.

    • Burt

      Obviously you haven’t been watching Smallville lately. The classic Superman suit has been seen…and in more than one episode. And I expect we’ll see a bit more of it before the series is over in May.

    • Andrew

      We have seen the suit. He just hasn’t worn it yet. And I see where you are coming from with The Cape and Chuck. I’m not a fan of either but your point makes sense.


  6. Bobster

    REALLY? A corporate executive?

    So she’s fighting for Truth, Justice and a quick buck at the expense of the little guy?

    Get a grip, people.. who writes this crap?… If ANYONE is least suited to man’s corporate world it’s WW.. you know, with the whole ‘being on an island entirely populated by women’ kinda thing.

    As for the outfit.. the original, in live action would be pretty raunchy for today’s TV.. Lynda Carter got away with it because attitudes were more naive back then, the character was just accepted for what it was. A little tittilation for the dads maybe, but generally the kids weren’t so cynical…. an outfit like that today would just be… “OMG.. BOOBIES111!!!”.. and would be rampantly publisised that way by the media… It would all just turn in to yet another sex issue.

    If WW does make a return it would probably be more acceptable to have a costume similar to the one Erica Durance wore in Smallville.. Leather style knee skirt with the higher bustier…. but for god’s sake not the pant suit in the comics, That simply isn’t WW regardless of how many people tell us it is.

  7. Rox

    Smallville has been on for 10 long years and has portrayed a fantastic job with Tom Welling as Superman (Clark Kent). I can’t even imagine anyone else in that suit except Tom Welling as well as Erica Durance for Lois Lane. All of the actors and producers on the show have done their characters justice and I wouldn’t change one bit about Smallville. I also agree that Bridget Regan would be a excellent choice for Wonder Woman she has done wonders on Legend Of The Seeker!

  8. richard

    I think that Alexandra Daddario would good for the part as Wonder Woman,she’s young tall, has legs and pretty blue eye’s. What do you think? Thanks from Rich!

    • scotty

      Not sure who that is, i just hope that it isn’t briget regan. She’s pretty, but she annoyed to crap out of me in Legend of the seeker. well, that whole show was annoying. anyway, what about Olivia Munn, shes already on NBC and her show will most likely be cancelled soon

  9. Shift

    A corporate executive? Have any of them even READ Wonder Woman? She’s the living embodiment of Truth, and they want to turn her into another corporate shark woman character? That’s a complete misinterpretation of the character.

    I love David E. Kelly’s work, but this… no. I know his safety is in law & business comedy/dramas and stuff, but Wonder Woman is a very pure character.

    Honestly, I don’t understand why so many people have problems writing this character.

  10. arrow

    smallville is a great contemporary style of superman and it will stay that way even years pass tom welling and the other star’s like Laura Vandervoort, Erica Durance , Allison Mack and Justin Hartley and also Cassidy Freeman..i know for sure that they will be great in the future God bless this people who have great talent..they will be Legend…GO on GUys KEEP IT UP and hope to see you on another movie

  11. James

    I must admit that I like the idea of a wonder woman series, but I hope it’s not for the hell of it OR just because comic heroes seem to be popular at the moment OR because Smallville is ending. I can’t say I’m really feeling the executive thing for her, but then we should understand that it not only doesn’t say what business – but that they are trying to bring an Icon into the 21st century. However I would love to see some old greek stuff lol I’m a complete greek mythos buff I’m ashamed to say, and for a TV series they could really use all that Ancient greek stuff to their advantage. Gods, Titans, Demons, Hades (the underworld and the character) and demigods. It’s all there for them to spin however they wish, not to mention all the DC comics stuff and someone with talent could really do it well I believe.

    I think it’s a brilliant idea for Bridget Regan to play her. She was amazing in Legend of the Seeker. Fiercely strong and vulnerable sometimes all within the same scene which can’t be easy to do. Not too mention she looks like wonder woman which didn’t hurt Tom Welling did it? Vote for Regan!…well I would if, you know, we could…

  12. Trevor

    I just hope they don’t water her down, like they did when they re-made the Bionic Woman. Show’s have a tendency to take characters and give them to much of a morality meter. I’m not saying that having a conscience is a bad thing, but if she’s an amazon, she won’t always be wondering if she’s doing the wrong thing, she should be more focused on doing what comes instinctually and naturally to her – kicking butt and asking questions later.

  13. Paulie

    No, no, no, no, no! It HAS to be hte traditional uniform or it is NOT Wonder Woman. I suffered through Cathy Lee Crosby’s version. Sorry, she was a female James Bond. Good enough movie for what it was, which was NOT Wonder Woman. A retractable lasso in the belt with the buckle as a grapple? REALLY? Look what happened with Halle Berry’s Catwoman. FLOP FLOP FLOP Why? When I finally made myself watch it, it was really a good action movie, but it was NOT Catwoman. You cannot mess with iconic figures.

    I love Samllville, but he is NOT Superman yet. He is Clark becoming Superman, Kara becoming Supergirl, Ollie becoming Green Arrow etc etc etc. I have been longing for a Wonder Woman movie or live action series for DECADES (by the way, Lynda Carter as Hippolyta PLEASE) but if they change her actual uniform in a MAJOR way, I will NOT watch it!

  14. Alex

    David E Kelly produced “crime fighter in L.A. but also a successful corporate executive and a modern woman trying to balance all of the elements of her extraordinary life.” i wonder if they will cast Calista Flockhart because this sounds like Ally McBeal.

  15. deusexmachina

    I hope they give the role to either olivia munn, who gave up her role on attack of the show to pursue an acting career because jon favreau offered her a part in iron man 2, and instead of the role of black widow, she got a 2 second walk on role. wtf!, and now that comcast bought nbc, attack of the show was a creation of comcast, hopefully they will upgrade her from perfect couples to that show. My other choice of course would be kim kardashian, who I thought should have been cast as catwoman in the new batman movie, but was snubbed for someone of a more petit frame.

  16. Harry

    I would like to see Erica Durance get a chance at the Wonder Woman role.

  17. Tom Welling

    Erica Durance? No way man!! She’s Lois forever!!! I think Tanit Phoenix is de ideal candidate, because she is pretty much like Linda Carter (when young)…. What do you say?

  18. Alex

    Total blasphemy!! David E Kelly is turning an ICONIC DC SUPERHEROINE into Ally McBeal with superpowers!! THIS NEEDS TO STOP!!

    Say NO! to David E Kelley’s Wonder Woman!

  19. Dat Guy

    I think that a wonder woman show would be good if done correctly. Smallville has been excellent although I wish that Michael Rosenbaum would have stayed on the show for the entire 10 seasons. It was like once hse left the show lost something. Also, Clark wearing glasses consistently should have been introduces. There was one episode in an earlier season in which he wore glassees but it never became a constant. I also feel taht DC should do as Marvel is doing and creat movies for their indiviaual caharacters and tie them together to make an excellent Justice League Movie! I know she is a little older but Kim Kardashian would make an excellent Wonder Woman!

  20. Stan

    It’s funny how thread was supposed to be about wonder woman but almost everyone is writing about smallville. You got to admit that whether or not you like the show, you either love it or hate it but it isn’t ignored…Yes Smallville rocks and everyone just proved my point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Kramer

    How about casting Miss Universe Natalie Glebova? She is tall, and reminds me so much of Lynda Carter. Serinda Swan is also a good choice, but she is already Zatana. Olivia Munn would be good too.

  22. NBC doesn’t need any more shows that involve superheroes or visual effects. The Cape is HORRIBLE. They screwed up Knight Rider and The Bionic Woman. They should stick to cop dramas and sitcoms, and let The CW tell us the story of Wonder Woman. It could be awesome if they show her evolution from a girl in Themyscira to a champion of the world.

  23. lily

    Tanit Phoenix is heavily rumored by newsblogs, and WW fans are now suddenly being turned on to an unknown actress who has a few roles under her belt and looks just like a revamped version on Lynda Carter. She is tall, 5’9, and hell of a sexy, plus she is into Muay Tai, so she can fight! She danced ballet for years, so she is supple. What WW needs is an unknown, someone who will blow peoples minds… And my vote is that Tanit Phoenixc has a lot more up her sleeve than what we have seen to date. Rumour is it, Warner Bros. Have taken note of fans supporting Tanit. She will get people to watch the show. A quirky, feisty, sexy brunette, from South Africa with an american accent who can fight! She has my vote…

  24. LEEE777

    Actually guys Smallvilles been pi$$ poor ever since CW took over and DOOMSDAY turned up and they took a great show based in Smallville to Metropolis… its called SMALLVILLE for a reason!

    Saying that the LEGION and JSA eps have been good, but early Smallville was the very best, edge of your seat writing, now its hard to get even through an episode of the show without forcing yourself lol.

    P.S. Henty Cavill FTW and yes Brandon Routh is SUPERMAN!

    On the WW front at least NBC has her and I reckon either ERIN CUMMINGS (Spartacus), TAYLOR COLE (The Event) or JODI LYNN O’KEEFE (Prison Break) are perfect for Wonder Woman! 🙂

  25. LEEE777

    Thats Henry Cavill not Henty lol, can’t edit here oops.

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