David E. Kelley Thinks Positively About <em>Wonder Woman’</em>s TV Future

David E. Kelley Thinks Positively About Wonder Woman’s TV Future

Although a new Wonder Woman television show is a no-go for next season, writer David E. Kelley told reporters at the Television Critics Association Winter Press tour that he is still optimistic that it will happen.

TVLine’s Matt Mitovich reported from the event which was held today (January 13). “The bottom line is I had a lot of fun writing it, and we’re still optimistic that we’re going to do it,” Kelley said. “We’ve got a script that [Warner Bros. TV] and DC are very excited about.”

As to why Wonder Woman didn’t make it for Fall 2011, Kelley is understanding. “It’s a huge project… so it was a bit much to ask anyone to chew off for this next season,” he said. “But I think everybody’s confident we are going to see it.”

Later, in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Kelley said the likelihood would be that we’d see Wonder Woman next year. “I’m being optimistic but I don’t think I’m being unrealistic,” he said, adding that NBC under new programming chief Robert Greenblatt would be a good home for the show.

So there you have it. Wonder Woman could live after all! Though it is too bad it wouldn’t be ready for Fall 2011. Despite the costs, it could prove to be a worthwhile venture…. especially for a network like The CW, whose predecessor The WB took an expensive risk on a Superman TV series which paid dividends for 10 years.

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