Tanit Phoenix’s Wonder Woman Audition

Tanit Phoenix has long been rumored to be up for the role of Wonder Woman, and now her audition video has made its way online.

She certainly looks the part, although a more action-oriented scene might give us a better idea of how she’d be in the role.

Check it out before it inevitably disappears from Youtube.


  1. Colin Allen

    Bad acting, playing the wrong character, no muscles…P

  2. Boston

    Tanit Phoenix is fine, but I really hate this take on Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman does not get her feelings hurt by people’s expectation of her cup size. I’ve wanted a new WW show for 30 years, but I don’t think I want this one.

  3. Wow… thats pretty godawful. and the script is a bit of a stinker to boot.


  4. HFN

    I agree with Boston. I don’t think Tanit is bad (although I wouldn’t rave about her either). I actually see Erica Durance in the role. She’s got the range needed to carry an icon like Wonder Woman. But the script seems a bit… rubbish? I mean, breasts?

  5. Roland

    She is terrible. God awful terrible

  6. Royce Earnest Jr

    She would look great, but her acting is plain awful. I’d have to go with Erica Durance as well. I hated her when she first appeared on Smallville, but she won me over with her acting. She’d be great.

  7. Tucker

    Erica Durance as Diana? No. She’s great as Lois. She’s not Wonder Woman, though.

    And Tanit Phoenix sure isn’t either. Yikes, that was rough.

  8. I’m just going to come out and say it. This is going to be the worst show possible! I mean you are actually making a girl that young Wonder Woman? She would make a better Wonder Girl! But she is no Wonder Woman! Even if she did fit the role properly The Jumpsuit is just plain ridiculous . I mean it was a flop in the 70s and its going to be a flop again. Also the script and the story is horrible! Its like no one has any respect for what Wonder Woman represents! I mean its like Sex and the City! Sorry but NBC is going to lose a lot of money from this show. Its absolutely a huge insult to the real Wonder Woman and what she represented. Good luck getting anyone to watch it. The only people who would are oblivious to the real Wonder Woman.

  9. Bgg1175

    Are they making a sequel to the JLA pilot from the 90’s? What kind of actress would even want to read that crap?

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