Adrianne Palicki Is Wonder Woman!

Adrianne Palicki Is Wonder Woman!

Seven years ago, she was Supergirl…. sort of. Now, it has been announced that Adrianne Palicki has nabbed the coveted role of Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, in NBC’s Wonder Woman pilot.

Since appearing in the Smallville Season 3 finale as a girl claiming to be Clark’s cousin Kara, Palicki has kept herself busy, appearing in such projects as Friday Night Lights and the very short lived Lone Star.

She also played an evil siren in the Aquaman pilot. At this rate she’ll be racing with Justin Hartley to see who can play the most different DC Universe characters.

A Hollywood Reporter article about the casting also lists Bill D’Elia as an executive producer. He, too, is no stranger to televised super heroes as he directed three episodes of Lois & Clark. Hopefully some rewrites are coming in for the project, which has not had the warmest reception to online leaks so far.


  1. Ashley Rider

    I’m just going to come out and say it. This is going to be the worst show possible! I mean you are actually making a girl that young Wonder Woman? She would make a better Wonder Girl! But she is no Wonder Woman! Even if she did fit the role properly The Jumpsuit is just plain ridiculous . I mean it was a flop in the 70s and its going to be a flop again. Also the script and the story is horrible! Its like no one has any respect for what Wonder Woman represents! I mean its like Sex and the City! Sorry but NBC is going to lose a lot of money from this show. Its absolutely a huge insult to the real Wonder Woman and what she represented. Good luck getting anyone to watch it. The only people who would are oblivious to the real Wonder Woman.

    • Dafydd

      OMG really? Too young? Lynda Carter was 24 when she began playing Wonder Woman in 1975. Did you really even THINK before you typed that? As for what she wears, whether it be jump suit or Leisure suit.. she will look great. What it boils down to is the script, and the director, because this gal CAN act, and will fill the roll nicely.

      • smallville-211

        Ok time for me to wade in on wonder woman . I havent seen the script I have seen this actress on smallville and on the aquaman pilot. She is young as would anyone chosen for long term role being cast. Can she act well what in my opinon yes will she do the part justice who can say for sure .we will have to just wait and see. The one thing that thows me is that the cw who is warner brothers own tv station has passed on aring this series. Warner brothers who owns this character , it makes me wonder why.

    • Leo

      are you kidding me i cant wait to see it. i been waiting a long time for this to happen and the person that wrote that reveiw is got to be dumb. good luck nbc and make it happen

    • allenkephart

      The show was not a flop in the 1970s, although it was dropped by ABC after the first season and picked up by CBS for two more seasons. It lasted as long as the Bionic Woman and that show was not a flop (even though it had a network change as well- two seasons on ABC and one on NBC). And Lynda Carter was perfect as Wonder Woman.

  2. Oh Duh

    Palicki is 28 years old. Not sure I get the criticism that she’s too young?

    Also there is no “real Wonder Woman.” She’s a fictional character. I know that may come as a shock to you and the fantasy world you’ve created for yourself but it had to be said. Like Superman, she’s a character that’s been reinvented and revamped a hundred time over. Let’s at least see what the Pilot brings before we get all “fan girl” on this and declare it the worst thing ever committed to film.

    • Ashely Rider

      I’m guessing that you have never seen the original 1970s Wonder Woman with Linda Carter? Even she sees Wonder Woman as a real person. As for the age thing, Wonder Woman is around 200 not 28! DUH! and as for you. Why dont you go suck on a cosmo and watch Sex and the City and leave the real Wonder Woman knowledge to the real women?
      p.s. I’m a fan girl and fucking proud of it

      • Bgg1175

        Linda Carter was young and babyfaced when she started so age in itself isnt the problem. The original series wasnt bad but Lynda Carter was the show. I think they wouldve been better off not going for a super gorgeous WW but someone you could take more serious. Yeah, we all know its fiction but we like reality mixed in. You cant mix reality with WW running around in a bikini, super hot, and fighting the bad guys. We know in the real world shed get raped just like the CBS news reporter in Egypt. Also, no woman would dress like that and expect to be taken seriously. A woman would dress like that to attract sexual attention, like Erin Andrews, just happening to wear her mega tight pants to games so athletes could check her out, and shed get attention. She got a real world lesson we her tight pants caught the attention of the guy who video taped her. If they do this show they need to focus less on sex appeal and go another route!

        • King

          wonder woman would not get raped since sh eis super strong and highly trained. But I do not understand all the other critism this show has gotten already. Lets face it, they pissed all over superman in smallville and that show is in its 10th season. Y?es, they screwed up a bunch of stuff, but it is enjoyable. And the original 70s wonder woman didnt get it right either…..the Linda Carter show was not true to the character, so people or fan girls, can stop claiming they were. Wonder woman has not really had too many revamps. There have been at least two women in the comics have been wonder woman. Lets give the show a chance. But given NBC’s history with revamping anything (knight rider, bionic woman, etc)… may suck. BAD.

      • Dave Kingsley

        Where is anyone going to find a 200 year old woman to play Wonder Woman?

      • DarkKnightofSteel

        Im sure NBC can find a living 200 year old woman walking around some where

      • elf

        Ashely —

        Chill out! Lynda Carter WAS the quintessential WW, but news flash…she was younger than Adrianne when she took on the role. If you google her pics, you’ll see she’s had a variety of looks and some of them look very much like Diana, IMO. Furthermore, she’s a pretty good actress AND she’s an admitted fangirl (she has a supergirl tatoo and her dream role is/was Supergirl) so she at least will ‘GET’ the character. Give her a chance.

        Of course, we totally agree on the script — complete rubbish and a complete 180 on WW as a character and NOT a ‘reinvention’. Hopefully, they’ll either rewrite a good portion of it or throw it in the trash and start over.

      • Leo

        ashly first of all wonder woman never ages so i think the person they have fits in nicely and i watched the orignal wonder woman. i loved it and if u dint like it you are not a true wonder woman fan so you should go lay an egg instead of telling people to suck on a egg

  3. Burlov

    Original argument: “I mean you are actually making a girl that young Wonder Woman?”
    Defense for the argument: “As for the age thing, Wonder Woman is around 200 not 28!”

    WW normally and more popularly appears to be a woman in her late 20s. Ashley Rider, you’re trying to hard.

  4. She’s great! But Bridget Reagan (LOTS) would have been great too! A cameo from Linda Carter would awesome ! I think that Wonder Woman might be the heir of Smallville.

  5. jabz

    Who’s that?? She don’t even have the perfect face and the charisma that a Wonder Woman should have…total fail….

  6. Tim

    I’m a fan boy, and I have to say I don’t care if she looks young. She is tall and has a great shaped body so that fits the Amazon profile making her an Ideal choice to play Wonder Woman. I think she is a decent actress so if NBC develops a good script it can and will work.

  7. Scribe

    Look there are alot issues with this show but the least of which is Adrianne as Wonder Woman. Truthfully, she appeared on Criminal Minds not so long ago and I actually thought she might make a good WW. As for her age, Diana comes to the Patriarch’s World when she’s 19 so I don’t think she’s too young for the role.

    My misgivings is largely related to the David E Kelly’s take which is to make this show into Ally McBeal with star spangled panties. This is the most iconic female heroine and we’re going to have her behave like single, female lawyer.

  8. Kams

    I would be willing to give this show a chance if it is like smallville, smallville is a good show because of it is telling the story of Clark Kent before he became superman. If the writers of the show were to just make the show about diana and her journey to how she became wonder woman then this show would have a good chance of success.

  9. Sammy

    Moley moley moley woman is what they should call her. She is a HORRIBLE CHOICE! Lynda Carter was HOT. Moley woman is not! That was the one reason I live the original WW with Lynda, she was and still is sooo HOT!


  11. James

    Uhmm, this actress is definitely not the right actress to portray WW based on her looks; acting we will have to judge later. I am sorry as beautiful as the actress is, she does not project the innocence and strength of the character. She would probably play a wonderful Circe, the ancient enchantress. Based just on her looks, she would fit more of a temptress role than a princess of the amazon.

    Yep, good luck to NBC for this show based on script and lead actress.

  12. deshawn

    Wonder woman isn’t very good anyway she only works in the chessy days but joss whedon the king of girl power couldn’t even write her because she has no awesome stroy after he orgin.QWonderwoman doesn’t have the original rouge’s gallery or the headlinning news stories I mean her costume change was the first time in awhile they talked about her.

    • JP

      I have to laugh at this. Once you learn how to use proper sentence structure and punctuation, then maybe we can take your criticism of other people’s writing seriously. Yikes! Maybe we should all hold our negative comments until the pilot is actually shot. Personally, I’d like to see it get picked up.

  13. whtukall

    Lynda Carter regardless of her age, is still my Wonder Woman, period. But, there is no one like Lynda Carter out there, so, we’ll just have to wait & see and wish Palicki the best… Give her a chance, we won’t know the results until it is done.

    • Constance

      Once I heard about what was in the script the actress that I knew that could bring all of the qualities that Lynda Carter had…Bridget Regan….I no longer wanted her for the tv show. She would be wasted in the part. Bridget would have brought the same compassionate nature to the role along with having the look and ability to do all of the fight scenes that will be necessary in today’s market.

      Adrianne Palicki is a good actress and since they are doing this less like a true superhero show and more like a drama with a woman who happens to like to go out and save people as an after thought. Based on the description, this plot just isn’t what I wanted to see. Why do they need to do 3 characters.

      I only hope the show is good enough for a movie to be done so we can get a true Wonder Woman on the big screen with Bridget playing her.

    • Leo

      all you people must be 60 or something yes linda carter was great in her time. give this girl a shot at. atleast let the show start before you all judge her. im sure you dont like being judged by someone you dont even know. like i judged ashly as a egg layer lol. its not fair to the actress, just like it wasnt fair for me to judge ashly wake up people

  14. Jess

    Wow, the show hasn’t even started and you guys are already shooting down the main actress. I honestly think you should see the show first and then decide if it was good or not. What happens on paper isn’t always what it ends up being. I personally like Adrianne Palicki (done some excellent work recently). As for her being too you, if WW is 200 years old, isn’t everyone on the planet too young? Should they hire a wrinkly 80 year old to play the role? Seriously, people, watch the show first. Then, make judgments on it.

  15. She’s beautiful, and she’s certainly tall, but I hope she’s putting on some weight for this; she looks too willowy and wispy to be taken seriously as an Amazon warrior.

  16. robert

    The real deal though is WW is supposed to be amazonian. Tall, muscular, intimidating to men and skilled in self defense. None of these qualities are in the woman they chose for the part. Its probably going to be like GI Joe. A comedy of sorts. IF you really wanted to do WW right, they should have picked Lucy Lawless, or that chick from the movie Serenity.

  17. andrew

    @robert are u a complete dumbass ? adrianne palicki is tall shes 5’11 you genious!! and shes gorgeous get over it shes fine!!

  18. Wonder Bread

    GOD IS THIS AWFUL!!! Not ONLY was that recent audition vid with Tanit Phoenix reading for the part (she obviously didn’t get) bad, but her acting is horrific. The dialog….MY GOD IT’S HORRENDOUS!!!!!! And Adrianne Palicki just isn’t Wonder Woman in my opinion. On this new take? Yeah I normally don’t hate on something until I see something at the very least, but man…sometimes you can just tell when something is awful from the get-go. They’ve managed to take an important/iconic comic book character and set feminism back a good 40 years in one failed swoop!!! Wonder Woman as the marketing exec, insecure and complaining about her breasts when looking over one of the action figures based upon her (Phoenix in the audition vid holding a toy frog)?!? REALLY?!!!?

    This tv series single-handedly panders to the Sex In The City/Desperate Housewives/Grey’s Anatomy demographic and panders to women, simultaneously undermining them, in my opinion! Usually (comic book fan or not) I try not to $#!t on something site-unseen, but sometimes you can just tell when it’s incoming crap! Wonder Woman deserves better!

    What possessed Warner Bros. and D.C. Entertainment to allow this? They should chuck this tv series idea and do up a big-screen feature film. Hell! Get Christopher Nolan to produce it and appoint a writer and director on it ala’ Superman: The Man Of Steel and deliver a truer and more faithful interpretation of the character on the big-screen.
    Something with the right size and scope and heart and spirit of the character and world of Wonder Woman! Maybe they should use the Wonder Woman animated dvd movie from a couple of years ago as a template of what to translate to live-action…kind of like an animatic but do a more live-action/big-screen level storyline that would spread better across the longer 2 to 2 and 1/2 hour timeframe. Whatever it is, do something more faithful. Whatever happened to Amazonian princess and Ambassador for Themyscira to Man’s World? At least in the comics over the past several years to give her a civilian i.d. and purpose they made her Special Agent Diana Prince.

    No I don’t expect all movie and tv live-action adaptations to be exactly like the comics, but the better ones stick to the heart of the character and don’t try to “improve” or “revamp” too much that they negate what makes the character unique in the first place. And that’s her spirit and her fighting for truth….NOT sitting around talking how her breasts don’t measure up to an action figure of herself, or her pining away like a little schoolgirl over Steve Trevor, or her ending the episode in a pajama party with Myndi Mayer eating a tub of ice cream. I didn’t like this Sex In The City-esque take on Wonder Woman when reading the plot synopsis for this new tv series last month. I’m doubtful it’ll stay on the air too long. NBC had good success with Heroes until the 2nd season…then it went downhill from there. The new version of The Bionic Woman came and went and The Cape….THE CRAP!

    They seem to be making it like Ally McBeal/Sex In The City-Wonder Woman. I’m aware those shows have their audiences and all, but to try that with Wonder Woman kind of seems like it’s devaluing the character. I sat there stunned (watching that audition vid) at the very notion of Diana insecure about her breasts in such a way. As a male comic book fan/writer and artist, I feel like this new take on Wonder Woman is an insult to the women in my life and all females the world over. Wonder Woman is a character that all people should look up to, especially females. Look at how far reaching of a character she is: Not only male and female comic fans or fans of the old Lynda Carter series, but also ANYONE who knows of this iconic character. Girls, women, even gay men and women see her as a role model. Wonder Woman should be treated with respect and is more than deserving of it just as much as Superman and Batman. And like those two characters she’s fought alongside over the years in the comics and cartoons, she deserves to be portrayed on the big-screen properly.

    That’s what we all want anyway. And do it with respect to the character and her story.

  19. Mark

    If you read the Wonder Woman comic, she was always supposed to be young and beautiful. She was given beauty be Aphrodite who in mythology is always depicted as young and beautiful. And how are people getting these scripts in advance to tell if something is going to be good or not? Anything has to be better than fraking Snooki or New York…So suspend your disbelief and just have fun. If it is not a good show then don’t watch it..plain and simple.

  20. Kendra Bell

    Well, I don’t know much about wonder woman except that my mom loves her. So since I don’t know much about her, that may be why I’m willing to give the show a try. Everyone loved Christopher Reeve and no one can replace him, but tom welling did/is doing an excellent job portraying superman. So who knows, she may do good. Also the show is geared toward the newer/my generation, and the show may be a hit, seeing that the younger/middle ages of my generation like crappy shows like Hannah Montana and stuff like that.

  21. Shane

    As a fanboy of DCU, WW new show is about her today should be her new outfit of the comic book of today. If you want to make her more real Then make her have good head on her shoulders, WW was on Woman magazine for a reason over the past 7 years WW stand for woman rights she was smart and better then any other women. But I think what Ashley was saying in comic books and the old show is was 200 but didn’t age meaning she didn’t sound like a teen, For all to make her real on the show She not like Bruce/Batman fighting crime But more like Kal-El/Clark/Superman plus the only woman that would be his equal.

  22. Im un sure about this actress in the rol of WW, but will give her a chance. Going bit of the subject, will they bring other DC hero as Smaville as done. Be good to see ZATANNA and BLACK CANARY guest star. Talking of Wonder Woman AND Black Canary, both of them had thsir mothers in the 1940’s Justice Society, and both of them are members of the Justice League, so they have alot in common and could become friends like SSUPERMAN and GREEN ARROW in Smallville.

  23. Dan

    Ummm no please no. The episode she played in on Smallville was not the best episode and no way is she Wonder Woman. Not saying she is not another character she could pull off Black Canary or the Huntress. Bridget Regan from Legend of the Seeker would be amazing for the roll and she in some scenes looks like Lynda Carter. I they want this show to flop wow.

  24. wtf

    she is ugly and flat chested and she is a blonde they could have picked anyone else but her.I seen her in smallville and supernatrual she is no wonder woman

  25. Nick

    This is going to suck! Seriously???????? This is the best they could do??????? Somehow casting always finds a way to suck up a good show. Thanks for nothing!!!!!!!!

  26. Leo

    i think Palicki will do just fine, and for all you idiots who gave bad reveiws before even seeing it this will just go to show everyone how stupid you are and how you should not even blog or comment on things you dont even know about. This will funny cant wait to see all you losers after the show starts

  27. Robert

    why the hell not a movie, don’t want a little tv series make a freakin movie

  28. jude

    No Briget Regan – I won’t be watching

  29. Robet

    An Important note to the producesr and Wardrobe departement. The following elements Have to remain in the New Updated Version.

    –Her alter ego. Diana Prince
    –Her Patriotic Authentic Wonder Woman costume.
    –Try NOT to make the series Violent and agressive. Wonder Woman and other Female Tv starts of that era were not agressive to the point where they lost their femininity and compassion. The reason why the New udpated Bionic Woman series failed was due to the fact tht the writers decided to go against the formula and create a new robotic female cyborb who acted like a time bomb. The new Bionic Woman series also had a large supporting cast. Unlike The Original series with a small supporting cast, giving the lead actress 90% visibilty in each episode. Point being. Do not go against the formula and create an ultra high tech Wonder Woman tht will dissapoint loyal fans and possible new ones as well.

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