Another Character Detail Revealed – Diana Prince’s Neighbor, William Marston

Wonder Woman is now casting more characters, and a new character that has been added in the revision of the script is Diana Prince’s neighbor William Marston.

You might notice he shares a name with the creator of Wonder Woman.

He’s fascinated to know what Wonder Woman is really like, knowing Diana Prince as the assistant to Etta Candy at Themiscyra Industries. He wants to know if the things people say about Wonder Woman are true, and in having this conversation over a date with Diana, she learns a bit of what the real world thinks of her.

It will be interesting to see if the character’s name will change. The first draft of the Smallville pilot included a character named Whitney Ellsworth, named for the comic book editor who became producer on the original Adventures of Superman series. Ultimately, the name of the character became Whitney Fordman instead of being completely named after him.


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