The <em>Wonder Woman</em> Pilot Is Casting Artemis

The Wonder Woman Pilot Is Casting Artemis

Fans looking for some Wonder Woman mythology will be happy with some more casting news we have learned.

The WW production is currently casting the role of Artemis. Thus far, she only seems to be present for a flashback scene that details Steve Trevor’s crash on Paradise Island. But if they’re going so far as to cast someone for this… surely it’s not just going to be an extra. Could Artemis be seen on the show again if the series continues beyond a pilot?

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  1. Emily

    I vouch for Danneel Harris then.

  2. should be

    Whoever they cast, the girl should be mean-faced…the opposite of Adrianne.

  3. This sounds like the show is going in the right direction. Hopefully, they can balance contemporary action/drama themes with the rich mythology to make for a fresh and exciting take on the Wonder Woman story. AS LONG AS THEY MAKE ARES WONDER WOMAN’S LEX LUTHOR, I’LL BE HAPPY.


  4. MikoPike

    Wow, what a cool tidbit, hopefully if the Amazon aspects of Diana’s life appear as flashbacks in the pilot that opens the door for plotlines where they can appear in the show’s continuity, and including Artemis, even if it is as a cameo, is a great nod to fans of the book.

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