Pedro Pascal Is Ed Indelicato In The <em>Wonder Woman</em> Pilot

Pedro Pascal Is Ed Indelicato In The Wonder Woman Pilot

MORE casting news…

Now is reporting that Pedro Pascal (The Good Wife) has landed the role of Diana’s police contact, Ed Indelicato.

Here’s how casting breakdowns described the character:

Stoic and tough, he is a liaison to the police department. Devoted and loyal to Diana, he’s blue collar, a no nonsense kind of guy. A chiseled man who subscribes to the old fashion rules of relationships – men don’t talk much. His job comes first and he wouldn’t make room for the possibility that there is potential romantic relationship with Diana…SERIES REGULAR, 10/13.

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  1. MikoPike

    Not quite what I pictured when I was reading the Wondy comics of the late eighties with this character in them, but he looks like he can do the grizzled cop thing believably, good call.

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