Tracie Thoms Is <em>Wonder Woman’</em>s Etta Candy

Tracie Thoms Is Wonder Woman’s Etta Candy

Tracie Thoms, who played a character recently in the DC Comics-inspired Human Target, has signed on as Etta Candy, who has been re-imagined in this version of the story as Diana Themiscyra’s assistant.

This news seems to have originated on the Examiner website.

Etta Candy has gone through many permutations over the years – from a somewhat overweight (but fun) girl in the 1940’s to a military woman in the original TV series. Thoms is a fantastic actress and she should definitely add some good things to this project.


  1. Mark

    Still think they probably oughtta leave well enough alone… the Bewitched film comes to mind…

  2. MikoPike

    I am glad they are including Etta, a frequently overlooked character who by rights should be Wonder Woman’s right hand lady. Fun choice to diversify the cast without rocking the boat too much, and she looks effervescent, hopefully she has the energy to carry that into a role as I am not familiar with her acting.

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