Filming Tonight: Tracie Thoms, Cary Elwes, & Adrianne Palicki

Wonder Woman filming went late into tonight with actors Tracie Thoms (Etta Candy), Cary Elwes (Henry Johns), and Adrianne Palicki (Diana).

As tweeted by Thoms tonight at 12:25am:

STILL on set!!! We are working HARD for you! First day has been AWESOME so far! Adrianne Palicki & Cary Elwes are just wonderful! Lucky me!

You can find Tracie Thoms on Twitter as @TracieThoms. WonderWomanTV can be found at @WonderWomanNews and our goddess can be found at @RealLyndaCarter.


  1. wwfan

    If the new costume is so great why use the iconic old one to promote the show? I hate the new costume! As you know the original costume held certain powers itself. Not sure if the hot topic version dose. There is so much to do with this show…..I wish they stay true to het roots.I also want to know how she will transform. Spin? Or since we are downplaying the superness of her…she’ll probably have to change like a normal person. I hope this show remembers us die hard ww fans will be the core audience. Keep us happy! : )

  2. MikoPike

    Well that sounds really nice. I always enjoy a show more if I hear the cast gets along smoothly, hopefully they all have fun making the show and it shines through to the finished product.

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