The FIRST LOOK At Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman!

Courtesy of, the first look at Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman has made its way online:

UPDATE: We now have an even larger version which you can find here.

Needless to say… feel free to come talk about this on our forum thread!


  1. Diane

    I have to admit, it looks very uncomfortable!

  2. Godginrai

    WOW. This variant of the new outfit looks AMAZING on her.

  3. moviefan

    Looks pretty good a mix of classic and that new suit.

  4. db

    Wow! I don’t HATE it. Good blend of the old and new costumes. Actually…it looks REALLY good!

  5. She looks fat. Sorry, but look at her face. Fat. And she doesn’t quite fill out the top the way one would expect.

    • woLEX

      its just the camera angle ,she looks great,im actually surprised i taught she would wear shorts,it surpassed my expectations.

    • Beanz

      Seriously haha…What world do you live in, fat huh. Please :p

    • BH

      There’s nothing fat about her! She’s beautiful. But the costume is the worst piece of trash. So sad. This had much promise.

      • Rosario

        Sorry but really, she looks fat and what’s the problem with her face !!!!!

    • Beth

      fat? she is a slim as can be. I guess you want a bony model face…that would look so weak.

  6. Lucian

    ok… Couldn’t the boots have been red so to keep closer to the original? Also, I believe a darker blue for the pants would make it look less campy. And I could do without the red stars on the chest and the belt (maybe keep teh latter but in gold like rest of the belt), and the extra WW logos on the boots). Otherwise seems a good effort to keep the comics’ look flavor.

  7. Kogepan

    Not bad, although I would prefer red boots, I think.

    • Craig Byrne

      I agree. Though I do really like this – red boots would be an improvement.

  8. teniba

    she needs a lil bit more workout for her arms, her guns are too skiny!!!

  9. teniba

    this confirms that Bridget Reagan was better a choice! She needs to ask Michelle Obama about her arms!!!

  10. Jeremy

    Why heels? At what point does a trained warrior say, “unstable footing and broken ankles sound fine to me.”

    Other than that it’s okay. I mean red boots would have helped balance out the color scheme of the costume, but it’s alright the way it is.

    • Jeremy

      My mistake, I didn’t realize they were departing into the murky realms of “more realistic” takes on characters here. XD

      But even if she isn’t a warrior, anyone who has ever tried to walk around in heels is liable to know running, jumping and/or fighting in them is just moronic.

  11. Oreos

    Feel like a troll now……..I’m just glad WW is going into mainstream. Good luck to those involved! 🙂

  12. kelly michaels

    I love it. You look beautiful Adrianne.

  13. kelly michaels

    She sort of looks like Rose Mcgowan.

  14. Doc

    There looks to be stars down the side of the pants as well. which just makes it look more like track pants. It seems the started out with a good idea but the over stylization and fabric choice screwed them over.

  15. Phoenyx

    So She still has the bands which are blended in. The boots should be red. The stars should be off of the chest emplate. The belt of Gaia (spelling ?) should be bigger with no star on it. I do like the pant idea but poor Adrianne is gonna be drenched in sweat if the show gets picked up shooting during the summer.

    • Jeff Adames

      I agree about the material. She is going to be drenched!!!

    • livluv

      Sweatings bullets!!! Shell be begging for the “star pantties”.

  16. Phoenyx

    And definetly think the tiara should be more like the original. Not unless if it starts as her thinking that she is a super powered human and then discovers the reality she is in is a illusion. I hope they go more toward how the Wonder Woman comic book is now.

  17. OjIret

    Hmmm…..I have to say, I DO NOT like the blue boots. They should be red. Changing to pants, ok, changing the top a bit, ok, changing the headband, ok…….but not the boots. And please….if everything else is gold accented, why the heck are the wristbands silver? Hello!

    • Beth

      the wristbands have been silver in the comics for a looooong time.

  18. BH

    This is the campiest, craziest, busiest, most friggin’ HIDEOUS Wonder Woman costume I’ve ever seen. It’s absolutely god AWFUL. As an artist and designer, I am almost speechless. The esthetics of this are just…are just…I have no words…

    They want her to be taken more SERIOUSLY? And they came up with this? This is truly hideous beyond belief. It looks so cheap and shiny. My god, it’s shiny.

    This looks like something someone would wear to a convention (or in a porn movie).

    It looks sooooo cheap. In that shiny body suit she looks like a Dominatrix ready to whip someone and scream “lick my boots!”

    *shakes head in disgust*

  19. Rachel

    This is really really awful. They shouldve stuck to what works. This is truly the ugliest costume yet. Can someone say CHEAP? Talk about campy!!!! Ughhhhhh. Totally disgusted.

  20. BH

    Exactly! Cheap looking and campy (and not in a good way). I am still unable to even begin to comprehend what they were thinking when they came up with that. It’s way out of control. Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy out of control.

  21. DK

    good mix of the old and new costume but the hair and makeup look awful…ugh i hope they do the show right and redeem female comic book characters (as far as being adapted to big/small screen)

  22. Chuck Jett I think it is okay, but needs tuning: too shiney – I’d like to see a matte leather finish for once-more of a split suede. – I like the head piece and the breastplate work. I think I like the belt area. I’d like to see the bracers get the same treatment as the breastplate with the same color finish and beefy look as the breastplate. I like the boots, although they aren’t very utilitarian & too shiny. I don’t like the pants, but with the matte finish yhey would tone – down. Something about the hip area bothers me(granted though she is long-waisted) It’s like the torso treatment could be brought lower. Otherwise- It’s a hot babe in a hot costume.
    Bracers need to extend further up the forearm also. I know they were trying to flow some of the silver into the line of the boots to add some continuity with the bracers, but it just isn’t working. They should tweek some more.

  23. Scribe

    Hmmm….I don’t hate it.

    Boots should be red and the pants should be a dull leather instead of looking Lycra but overall better than the god awful new uniform they had her wearing in the comics.

  24. livluv

    With an outfit so Iconic, you’ll never satisfy the masses. But I “Like it”!!! It definitely feels like it fits the story they’re building. I just hope we get to see her in the “classic” outfit at some point!

  25. Diana

    They should keep the top and make it NON SHINY, maybe darker red(ala the SV version) and lose the pants and change it to blue leather skirt with tassels(ala the SV version) but instead of the round disks, use those stars on the side down the middle of each tassel and change the boots back to red, we’d be in BUSINESS. I don’t mind the lasso, arm bracelets, tiara, top armor or belt.

  26. BH

    I’ve been reading comments on the major websites that have posted this, and overall the reaction and general consensus is that this is an epic fail of a costume. Halloween and Fetish are two words that seem to sum it up.

    This is so sad. I had high hopes. The reactions both to the script and now to the costume have been quite negative overall.

    And there you go…

  27. Magma

    damn she’s ugly! seriously this isn’t wonder woman… she looks like a hooker

  28. Ratings Master

    Let me get this straight. Your plan to make a new WW show, that is at least as popular as the old one, is to cover her legs with blue plastic bags? What are you thinking! Oh, less sexy will really drive up the ratings? She’s a warrior! If you must change it, go more authentic. (Leather and worn metal with subtle original colors) Think more gladiator and less Halloween country western.

  29. Jason

    I love the way they blended the iconic red, white & blue suit with the new design by Don Kramer, alothough the boots should be red with the white stripe, but all in all, being a huge Wonder Woman fan, i simply adore the new look!

    • BH

      Being a huge Wonder Woman fan, I simply abhore the new look!

  30. MikoPike

    I love the look, somehow it goes for the new and fresh angle they were looking for to revamp the idea and yet it still has the classic elements that make Wonder Woman who she is. This was clearly made with the intention of pleasing Wonder Woman’s many existing fans and reaching out to many more, and I think it will do that. I think my favorite thing about it is the use of bold colors, worn beautifully by Adrianne Palicki, that command the attention. A great redesign of an icon.

  31. wwfan

    Hate the tiara and fabric. Looks cheap and sleezy. Dislike the pants and hate the boots. I have been a huge ww fan since 4 and all I have to say is this outfit is ridiculous. PLEASE! DO SOME REDESIGN! !!!!!!!! maybe she could just be “trying ” this costume in the first episode. The accessories should look more ancient and metal. Not so plastic. This poor costume is no more iconic than a fredericks of hollywood dominatrix set. FAIL!

  32. Droktin

    I’m someone who HATES them changing super-hero costumes for onscreen versions, so’s to satisfy the general public.

    I LOVE this costume, tho’.

    If they had to change it, this was the way to go. The color of the pants makes it look much more like the original than the “nu” comicbook look does.

    A while back myself and some others on a Wonder Woman online forum tried to redesign the costume just to give it some long pants. This is what we were aiming for.

    My only complaint is that the boots should be red. That’d be a REAL merging of the original and “nu” costumes. Oh, and they can get rid of the stupid stars on the bird emblem and belt. (The least they could have done was made them white. Maybe limit it to one white star on the belt, none on the emblem.)

    Over all, it’s good. (And I HATED the buckle on Routh’s Superman belt and the darker red.)

  33. Adam Clark

    I think she looks great. Can’t wait to see Liz Hurley being evil to her.

  34. blobbervlad

    It just looks like a cheap Halloween costume. You’d expect to see a price tag with a big red SALE on it.

  35. BH

    What are the chances they rethink this costume and give the fans what they want?

  36. Have been waiting for the re-make of Wonder Woman, for a very long time, while every other super hero show has been done.

    Am a little disappointed with the costume, way too shiny and talk about the shiny red lipstick. Although, she looks great, Wonder Woman has been cheapened by the shinieness of the costume and make-up. She looks more of a Lady than a Woman. It cheapen even further by making her look like a Hawe, instead of a Woman. Ladies are false and Woman are real.

  37. Beth

    It would be hard to please everyone. personally, I feel the costume is just too shiny, but maybe in dramatic lighting on tv it will look cool. When you see still promotional shots of live-action heroes like Batman, Superman, Spiderman, etc. they look cheesy, but on film they always look much better and usually look right in their environment. Let’s all hope for good writing, story-lines, acting, etc. instead of getting hung up on the costume. WW is more than her costume…even though it is an important part of her. I do like the stars on the sides of the pants though.

  38. Apologies, partner submitted to my comment, before I could finish my response. Here is what I wanted to say!!

    Have been waiting for the re-make of Wonder Woman, for a very long time, while every other super hero show has been done.

    Am a little disappointed with the costume, way too shiny and talk about the shiny red lipstick. Although, she looks great, Wonder Woman has been cheapened by the shininess of the costume and make-up. She looks more of a Lady than a Woman. It cheapen even further by making her look like a prostitute, instead of a Woman. Ladies are false and Woman are real. Meaning, she is looking more Christian than Pagan. Apologies to any woman offended by this comment.

    According, to legend, well William M Marston, WW mother came from Ancient Greece, around 2,400 years. Who were Amazonian Woman, a tribe of female warriors, therefore, it stands to reason that, WW costume should be more like a Warriors outfit, like Xena did, although, not in the same color. So would like to see her in more of a Warrior outfit, because not even the Greeks or Roman men wore pants, because they weren’t invented then. I strongly, believe that the pants need to go and look like something that a REAL Female Warrior would wear, whether something similar to the original WW Series, skirt – tassles or none. Change the color to a matt finish, preferable in leather or materials that would have been used 2,400 years ago. The Tiara is too small, definitely at the time, Tiara were larger, how is WW going to use that, as a weapon. And Finally, the blue boots please, red with white or gold are ok, even silver could help, although lovethe eagle design of boots and should also be flat, woman in Ancient Greece did not were high hills. YES, in the original WW Series, Diana wore high hills, though, magically somehow, became flat boots. The Rest of the outfit, is perfect, love the belt and bracelets, just her bodice needs not be so high, her boobs look fake, a tinny tad less push-up and natural look. Although, I can see her pants being an outfit, she could use while riding on a motor cycle or an underwater pants.

    For me, these 3 Minor changes would make a whole difference, even according to other post. Pants into skirt or something, with a matte finish, unless silk is used. Bodice into a red matte finish and the Tiara, This WW can be as hot as Lynda Carter’s WW.

    Sorry, if I rambled, Love the thought of re-inventing the super hero’s mytholog. And, love all the show’s like Sparticus, showing what it may have been like in the second part of our evolution of Human history. I love my Wonder Woman so much, that this version destroy’s My love for Ancient Greece & Rome, if this WW can’t keep her Amazonian Heritage.

    YES YES I’m a geek. Never the less will still Watch it. Don’ care if she has the invisible plane, because makes more sense that she can fly like Superman.

  39. Chris

    As a big WW fan, I don’t hate it. I would also like to point out that the reason this costume looks “cheap” is because most of the elements appear photoshoped. Yep, the blue needs toned down, the fabric needs to be leather in texture, and I am glad the bracers are SILVER…they are supposed to be, that little detail I actually found encouraging. I could stand for the breastplate to be bigger but I’m glad it’s an eagle and not a “W”. Honestly, most of its success will be if she can convince me she’s Wonder Woman. If the writing is good and I feel like I’m watching Wonder Woman, then I’ll be her biggest fan.

  40. BH

    It was a MAJOR mistake to release this awful pic. She looks exhuasted. Her make up is terrible. She looks really uncomfortable (constipated comes to mind). It’s very badly done.

    Plus, the costume wasn’t ready. The costume is nowhere near ready. It’s hideous.

    The Yahoo story on this has way more than EIGHT THOUSAND comments (!!!!!!!!!), with 99% of them being total shock horror over this costume. The EW.COM story has over a thousand comments, with 99% being shock horror reactions.

    This is a huge train wreck. Heads should roll.

  41. God Awful Costume

    1.) The boots are supposed to be RED.

    2.) She has an egghead.

    3.) TOO SHINY

    4.) Where are the blue undies?

    5.) where are the STARS?

    6.) Boobs look like they’re about to pull a wardrobe malfunction worse than Janet’s

  42. Ray

    The costume resembles more like Wonder Girl’s costume, except Wonder Girl’s is all red with black boots and no eagle emblem, just stars down both sides of the suit.

    • Jeff

      Spot on, Ray. Wonder Girl (Donna Troy–the original bearer of the name) also had one single shoulder strap. Otherwise, the shape of this new costume is identical. And, as you pointed out, there are only a few color/emblem differences here and there.

      Let Wonder Girl wear it if she ever gets a guest star shot in the new series and get Diana into her classic outfit.

  43. Jeff

    Wow. All I can say is this image makes it apparent why this show will fail. Wonder Woman has one of the most iconic costumes ever created. The creator’s had the easiest job in the world–slam dunk. We all know it looks good in the real world–we’ve seen the true iconic costume beautifully executed on for Lynda Carter. It could be updated, as she now hsa a bit more metal on hew suit–but the overall appearance has hardly changed since the minor mods to the bottom back in the 40s (from a skirt to thight shorts to the current swimsuit-style bottom). The fact that the creators did not recognize what they had and went to the trouble of designing a lame variant (that appears to be plastic) followed by a lamer variant (that appears to have pants from Goodwill) illustrates why it will not work.

    Aside from the ongoing wardrobe malfunction, I’m equally perplexed by their choice of actress. I’m not going to insult Adrianne Palicki. I’m sure she is a beautiful woman. In this particular picture, she appears to have large jowls, but I can not believe she actually does. *However*, she is missing a key physical quality that is one of Wonder Woman’s defining physical features. (BTW, I’d like like to say the fact that she’s Greek, but no one really seems to care about that. Besides, her character design has never portrayed any strong Greek features other than her full, black hair.). The quality to which I’m referring is the fact that Wonder Woman is statuesque.

    [stat·u·esque – adjective | like or suggesting a statue, as in massive or majestic dignity, grace, or beauty]

    Ms. Palicki may be an attractive woman, but based on the pictures I’ve seen (not just this one pic), it is clear she not someone who could be described as statuesque. Lynda Carter was an insanely beautiful woman in her Wonder Woman days (and she’s actually still attractive 35 years later!), but that is not the primary reason why she made an excellent Wonder Woman and has become a huge pop culture icon that remains associated with the character several decaxdes after she portrayed her for the last time. The reason Lynda Carter *was* Wonder Woman is because she was nothing if not statuesque. She exuded majestic dignity, grace, and beauty. There are many beautiful woman in the world, but a much smaller subset who are statuesque. One current actress I personally consider to be statuesque is Catherine Zeta-Jones. I thought this was particularly evident in Chicago. It is a shame she is 41. While she is still beautiful and looks much younger, they obviously need someone younger. In order to represent the immortal amazon, they need a young actress who will not betray signs of aging in the next few years if the show is successful.

    As if it is not obvious, I have been a huge fan of Wonder Woman for a long time. I would love for any new Wonder Woman project to be a success. Unfortunately, it’s hard to see it happening for this incarnation. The things that do not work thus far, the lead actress and the costume–which, by the way, constitute everything I’ve seen thus far about the show–are the most critical, “make or break” elements of any production of Wonder Woman. The degree by which the creators are missing the mark is so dramatic that it’s difficult to envision them turning it around and nailing the iconic costume, as well as re-casting a dynamic, and yes, statuesque actress in the lead role as everyone’s favorite amazon.

    But I can hope…

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