Wonder Woman Hits Hollywood Blvd. This Week

This is the week where Wonder Woman pilot filming will be taking over Hollywood Blvd. for three evenings.

A major part of what’s being filmed will involve a sequence where Wonder Woman chases someone through Hollywood Boulevard – running into a Wonder Woman impersonator, among other things, in the process.

Hopefully this means we’ll have some photos to share. If you get any, send them our way!


  1. Beebs

    And now we get to see whether or not they listened to the major criticisms and public outcry over Wonder Woman’s costume. Let’s see if it’s had any “upgrades!”

  2. Ashley

    It’s official, Wonder Woman will be wearing RED boots!!! She will still have those awful blue pants, but oh well. I just came from the set and sorry, no pictures from me. But it was pretty cool seeing her in action.

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