THIS Is Steve Trevor: Justin Bruening Joins <em>Wonder Woman</em>

THIS Is Steve Trevor: Justin Bruening Joins Wonder Woman

Knight Rider’s Justin Bruening will be playing Steve Trevor, according to a report on

Most of us had assumed that Steve Trevor was the “mystery role” filled by Brett Tucker.

Bruening played a [former] military man in 2008’s ill-fated Knight Rider reboot, as the son of Michael Knight.


  1. Steve

    INT. KITT:

    MICHAEL: KITT? What’s that screeching sound? Are we braking?

    KITT: No Michael, that sound you hear is the noise of another franchise coming to an end.

  2. MikoPike

    I was more or less happy when I thought Brett Tucker was playing Steve, but Justin Breuning has the look, and I am glad they finally made an announcement. I missed the new Knight Rider but I hope this show lasts a lot longer! I just wonder who is going to play Myndi. They will probably go younger for Myndi Mayer but if anyone at WB is listening Fran Drescher was born to play Myndi Mayer. In the meanwhile the cast is looking good, can’t wait to see how they play together.

  3. allen

    Justin Breuning is actually a decent actor. He started on All My Children and has a good emotional range. Better yet, has the body and athleticism to pull off the role too.

  4. Danno

    What about the character of Diana Prince’s neighbor William Marston? Has he been cast? Maybe Brett Tucker has been cast in that role.

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