A New Image From The Wonder Woman Pilot – With Diana!

USA Today has posted a new “official” image from the Wonder Woman pilot.

The image comes from a scene in which Diana – Diana Themiscyra, we think – is talking about Wonder Woman merchandising.


  1. from the USA Today article and from the Tanit Pheonix title card (which her audition was based on), I think it’s supposed to be Diana Prince.

  2. Brian L Liss

    To the producers of the show, the originally costume concept was a great idea, it was missing the red boots. The new costume looks a little bland for a superhero costume. You should actually go back to the orginal costume that Lynda Carter wore back in the 1970’s. If you intend for this show to last a while, please stay true to the comic book costume.

    • Rob olivera

      It’s ok if they tweak lynda’s eagle for the “W” on the chest and it’s ok if they even tweaked the belt and the tiara.. But the pants!? The material on the pants doesn’t jive well with the shiny top! If they were hell-bent on putting pants on they might as well have left the freaky shiny blue ones on her so that at least the top and the bottom look like they are meant to go together!

      As it stands it looks like she was wearing jeans and put an incomplete costume on.

      I’ll be watching, but… Can’t really say I agree totally with some of these decisions.

      I suppose the attempt to bring a variation of WW to TV should at least be appreciated

  3. Rae Clark

    I think from the script to the casting, and now the costuming that I am going to pass. I like comics and collect WONDER WOMAN comics, and I just can’t fathom the idea that this is what has been done to her character. I watch and record a lot of movies with my DISH Network employee subscription. This TV show will not be one of them.

  4. Name (Required)

    not to be picky.. but the correct spell is ThemYscira, not themiscYra

  5. peter

    So,no glasses,no hair in a bun,no demure clothing?…..not quite Diana Prince,though i’m hoping for the best

    • Marc

      This is not Diana Prince. This is Diana as her princess self. And she goes by the name Diana Themyscira which is another name for Paradise Island. She is ALSO Diana Prince in other scenes where she tries to be part of the human race and not her superhero persona. As Diana Prince she WILL be wearing glasses and looking demure.

      People just dont get that this show isnt a remake of the 70s show and a lot has happened to Wonder Woman in the comics since then.

      If you read the comics Diana and Wonder Woman are one and the same and the Diana Prince persona hasnt been around very much at all. Theyve reintroduced Diana Prince into the new show once again.

      Once again people prejudge and make assumptions on one image they see.

  6. Maar13

    You think? Wasn’t Diana Prince supposed to be completely opposite to Wonder woman and and just an assistant? Maybe they are mistaken and she is Dina Themiscyra.

    Well I can’t waiit to watch the pilot, hope the series really does well.

  7. Rob Olivera

    Gee they forgot to update the WW merchandise with the blue pants. How convenient.

  8. Maar13

    Yes and No.

    Yes, She will be Diana Prince, who is an employee of Themyscira Industries or what ever they are called, she will use the glasses and even contact lens I think.

    And No, because Wonder woman will also be Diana Themyscira, who is the CEO of the company. Pretty much like Tony Stark and Iron Man, everyone will know she is Wonder Woman, so to get a little away from it, Diana Prince will enter.

    Or at least that is what I understood from the previous reports.

  9. Brian

    Do NOT call her Diana Themyscira! That make this show sound like it’s just one step closer to cancellation……

  10. Anthony

    As a comic book fan and as a superhero fan, I will try and support this with all of my being. HOWEVER, Wonder Woman is NOT suppose to wear pants with her costume, her costume is suppose to be traditional, like it does in the modern day comic!!!!! BRING BACK THE TRADITIONAL HOT PANTS!!!!!!!

  11. Ing

    Only way to save this show: scrap it then
    Set it in the 1930’s, part of it in black and white – maybe flashbacks?
    Cast somebody like Jennifer C Sparks or Tricia Helfer
    Have warfare come to Paradise Island with Amazons battling Nazis
    Have guest stars from the Justice Society and other heroes/villains of that time
    Have her disappear due to a fall from grace or disillusionment for a while, (killing Max Lord in anger?) then resurface in the present day with the grandson of Steve Trevor
    It would involve some retconning but 10000 times better than Kelley’s mess

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