Video From Day Three Of The Wonder Woman Hollywood Shoot!

Chris “@WonderboyLB” Cooley went to see filming again for the third and final day of the Hollywood pilot shoot, and came home with even more video. In this very long video, she even uses the lasso!


  1. Rima Fakih

    The more I see – the more that I realize something.
    Everyone keeps bashing the pants but —

    LOL I don’t think Adrienne has the right bum for the little shorts – the pants are more “flattering” for her figure…I think that’s what they factored in when they chose the pants.

    It’s Adrienne’s lack of rear end that would have been accentuated with little shorts.

    The pants stay!

  2. Ravenwolf

    Why do you post this Horrible video. All they are talking about in it is how the Stunt Woman’s “tits” are smaller.

  3. Merv


    So unfortunate but it seems like everyone’s talking about her boobs nowadays..

  4. Rob Olivera

    Omg they’re going to CGI the lasso?! Not that I mind, but it’ll just be weird! I loved watching a real rope flying through the air! That took real cowboy skill!

    I think they couldve given her a better Looking lasso to hang from the belt! This one looks like it has split ends! Lol. The idea of a lasso on her belt in real live action has never been practical anyway. A rope long enough to catch a far away criminal would have to be at least 40 yards long. She’d need a suitcase to carry that much rope rolled up.

    Would’ve been better to equip her with a couple of good looking golden loops hanging from the hip and bring-in a real rope when time to film it. That’s the way it was done with Lynda’s TV show.

  5. Maar13

    Well the CGI wouldn’t be that bad, I would make it look better in the end and you don’t have to train the actress not to hang herself up in case of a mistake.

    • Rob Olivera

      Yeah but it wasn’t Lynda Carter actually throwing the lasso. She’d spin it above her head on cam and the shot of the rope flying was done by an actual expert.

      Just old school opinion I guess. It just caught me by surprise. I learned how to cowboy-lasso when I was a kid because of WW.

  6. Maar13

    Question: Any of you have any idea how long will it take for them to finish filming the pilot?

    • Rob Olivera

      Considering it’ll be on this Sept it shouldn’t be long. That’s 6 mos away.

  7. Maar13

    Oh OK, Hope it gets out soon ala Birds of Prey pilot that was shown months before the actual show and really hope this one is way better than that one.

  8. Caligula

    I think this is going to be FANTASTIC can’t wait !

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