THR on Wonder Woman’s Chances

The Hollywood Reporter print edition today did a feature on the amount of “heat” behind pilots vying for spots on the Fall 2011 schedule.

THR listed Wonder Woman in the “Medium” category, giving this not-so-encouraging news:

“Talk of campy disappointment. Still a possible pickup, but the network could renew David E. Kelley’s Harry’s Law instead.”

Harry’s Law has been a consistent performer for NBC in its first season; is it really an either-or thing?

The NBC Fall schedule will be announced in less than two weeks.

(Thanks to Dawn for the tip!)


  1. MikoPike

    Well, this bit of news is causing some internal conflict. On the one hand, I want to see Wonder Woman return to television so bad I can taste it, on the other hand, I have no desire to see that come to pass if there is a “campy dissapointment” in store. Well, best of luck to the show, for now I’ll keep my fingers crossed not only that the show gets picked up but that it is worth watching…

  2. Rara

    I don’t think these pundits have actually even seen it yet.

  3. Daria

    I’m also keeping my fingers crossed that wonder woman will be back on television. I hope they picked up the series and I hope wonder woman might not get the same fate with the pilot of Aquaman.

  4. Christopher DC

    One possibility is that NBC may green-light the Wonder Woman series as a mid-season replacement. This would give the production time to smooth over the rough patches, and maybe even re-shoot the pilot to make it better; TV shows such as Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Joey, Birds Of Prey, and even the original Wonder Woman series all had two pilots filmed, as the first one was found to be lacking in some way (older fans such as myself will recall the failure of the original Wonder Woman pilot with Cathy Lee Crosby, and how much better the show became after its second pilot, when Lynda Carter came aboard). If the production team is urged to go back to the drawing board and get it right the second time, the final result may end up being better for everyone involved.

  5. Ren

    I agree with Rara.. cast your judgement on the show until you have seen it. Dont condemn it before its made it to tv. There is nothing to say that the show wont be a great success despite the changes to Wonder Woman traditional origins (and for those who dont know the outline there are no changes… she is merely more established in the US and has now been there for many years). No one knows how well it will or wont do until its out there and the public watch it. I dont see anywhere how this is a campy version. There are comedic elements perhaps but all superhero movies/shows have that because its necessary. If its too serious it will be ridiculous. The 70s show was much more entertaining in the first season that WAS camp.. it lost alot of its flavour in the 2nd/3rd season when they made it more serious and the ratings started to flail.

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