The Wonder Woman Pilot Begins Screening

There are now people in the world who have seen Wonder Woman.

NBC executives are looking at the WW pilot now to see if it should be on the Fall 2011 schedule; but more interestingly, we’ve gotten word that some ordinary folks in Los Angeles have seen screenings as well.

These screenings are usually random and unplanned – with the subjects not knowing what they’re about to see – and it’s generally done for almost all new TV projects… not an unusual thing. Generally, people interested in the TV industry or involved in it are even turned away from seeing them; they want to hear from the “average viewer.”

Hopefully some [positive] word will come from the screenings…. and we will know on May 17 if Wonder Woman lives again! (And if anyone wants to show us the WW pilot… you know where to find us…)


  1. Christopher DC

    Some years ago, my wife and I were chosen to screen a couple of pilot films CBS was developing for potential series. One of them, a supernatural drama called “Soulmates”, was pretty scattershot; the other, a sitcom called “City” starring Valerie Harper, was actually pretty good. But as it turned out, neither of them made it onto CBS’ fall schedule. I mention this because it’s possible other viewers outside LA are having a chance to see the Wonder Woman pilot and pass judgment on it; I believe “test screenings” are offered throughout the country, not just on the East and West Coasts. It’s true that the networks try to choose as random a sampling of viewers as possble for these screenings, which means people from the (gasp!) Midwest have a chance to weigh in, too. In the case of me and the missus, we were shown the pilots and then asked to write down what we liked the most and least about them, and give them a simple Pass/Fail as to whether we thought they would work as regular shows. Perhaps some of you out there might know someone who was given the chance to see the Wonder Woman pilot and help determine its fate….

  2. MikoPike

    Well, still crossing my fingers for a fall pickup, but back in the world of sure things, at least this will mean we may get some reviews that aren’t just based on random points from a leaked script that was probably changed. It would be nice to hear from people who have seen the whole package assembled, as long as the criticism is stated thoughtfully and isn’t just a vitriolic put down.

  3. Ravenwolf

    Actually, “City” did go to series. They shot 13 episodes. If they give WW 13, be thankful.

  4. Now, we will finally see fan’s reaction for to the pilot. (crosses fingers) it’s a positive one.

  5. jarod

    not to thrilled about the costume….it doesnt work..!

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