Wonder Woman Series Order Picked Up By NBC?

Very preliminary news coming in…

TVByTheNumbers is reporting that they have heard Wonder Woman has been picked up for a series order by NBC, with timeslot information surely to be announced Monday if it’s true.

They are reporting that Law & Order: LA is canceled.

We will post updates as soon as more information is available and confirmation has come from more sources, if this turns out to be true.


  1. MikoPike

    What wonderful news! I will look forward to seeing Wonder Woman again on television this fall.

  2. Daria

    WOW! im soo excited can’t wait

    I hope this show will last more than 3 seasons

  3. Christopher DC

    So here we go…the Adrianne Palicki era may be officially underway, if the rumor turns out to be true. Good luck to her and everyone else on the “Wonder Woman” team! Now we’ll know for sure if the reimagining of the character is legitimate or not. Many new fans have been screaming for the rest of us to be patient and actually view the final product before we pass judgment on it, and now I’ll have the chance to take their advice. I’ve been watching this mini-drama unfold with a very critical eye, and I admit I haven’t liked much of what I’ve heard so far. But I’ll gladly eat toasted crow with horseradish sauce if the new series proves that I was wrong to doubt. Again, best of luck to Adrianne Palicki and the entire cast and crew. Show us you’re still a wonder, Wonder Woman!

  4. DavidPrince

    I belive in superheroes. I Belived in Clark and I believe in Diana. Even if the series is short lived I still want it to exist. Smallville needs something to do it justice when it’s gone, and I think that this show could be it.

  5. Jay

    cool, betting its gonna get the standard 13 episode trial run and if it does well we will get more 🙂

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