Not So Fast: Variety Says Wonder Woman Is Not Happening

It’s on, it’s off, it’s on, it’s off. The entire development of David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman project seems to have gone that way. While TVByTheNumbers posted encouraging news last night, Variety is claiming the opposite. “It looks like Wonder Woman won’t be flying anytime soon at NBC,” the Variety article says.

They do say that Chuck may have a 13-episode order, so fans of that show may at least be happy.

NBC announces their Fall 2011 schedule on Monday, though talent – if their series are picked up – will start traveling to New York tomorrow, so we’ll probably know for sure sooner. If Wonder Woman doesn’t happen, we’ll have some thoughts…


  1. OMG, the suspense is killing me. I hope it does get picked up. I guess we won’t know for sure until the upfronts.

  2. MikoPike

    I won’t pretend that I like everything that I have heard about the direction of this show but I am really hoping that it gets picked up so this is unwelcome news. I am conflicted, after all, if it is greenlit then I will be on cloud 9 since there will be a new Wonder Woman show, but filled with trepidation over the corporate trappings they wrapped the character in until I see the premiere. On the other hand, if it is not picked up, I will be somewhat gratified as a longtime reader of the comic series that it will prove to adaptation makers not to stray too far from their source material, and yet this would also entail me listlessly contenting myself with rewatching episodes of the original series (which let’s be honest, leaves much to be desired), and wearing out my animated Wonder Woman dvd feature…again…sigh. Come to think of it, if I had my druthers, they would grab the script from that animated feature and just shoot it in live action. Well, for now, until official word comes out on the pickup, I will just keep my fingers crossed even tighter…

  3. Brian

    Take it to the CW. I hear they’re going to have a rather large hole to fill on Friday nights.

  4. Johnny Boy

    Sadly, I am not surprised of the fine line this show is walking. I agree with everything MikoPike stated above. Though I have not worn out my copy of the animated movie… yet.

  5. Jim

    Thank god. Everything about this pilot seemed to do nothing but shame Wonder Woman. Including how violent she is in the pilot and killing people. Give someone a go who really understands Wonder Woman

  6. robert


  7. Daria

    If ever this series never makes it to television I hope they would release this on DVD or for downloads like the aquaman pilot starring Justin Hartley

    i wanna see this wonder woman pilot SOO BAD!!

  8. Christopher DC

    What might be going on is a lot of behind-the-scenes uncertainty from the NBC executives. There may be two (or more) camps among the NBC elite: some thinking the “reimagined” Wonder Woman deserves a shot at attracting viewers, and some concerned the pilot isn’t good enough to sustain viewer interest over more than a handful of episodes at best. That would explain the conflicting rumors circulating out of Hollywood over the last few days; first one faction gets its opinion out, then the other has their say. Or, if you want to go “conspiracy theory,” NBC may already have made up its mind about “Wonder Woman” but is pretending to waffle in order to ratchet up the suspense among the fans, to find out just how bad we want to see our favorite Amazon Princess back in action again. I hate to keep beating a dead horse, but it always seems to come back to that shaky pilot episode, which (according to what’s been reported) falls in that terrible grey area between “sure fire hit” and “sure fire dud.” I have the feeling the NBC brass is going to go on wrangling over the fate of “Wonder Woman” all through the weekend, and perhaps right up to the last minute before the fall schedules are officially announced. Personally, I’ve been waiting for thirty-two years for Wonder Woman to return to the “real” live-action world, so I guess I can go on waiting for a few more days.

  9. Eagleman

    I hope this gets picked up NBC. Cause I love WW!!

  10. Rob

    I hope to see Wonder Woman on the air this fall. After all the hype, they should air it and let us see for ourselves! I think the show has a great cast

  11. tim

    i think it would be stupid to cancel wonder woman after making that actress start becomming her so please dont cancel it becuase we want her and the show to stay

  12. mike danner

    WB should take it and re-tool it more. Get a new costume. They could even start with the original costume without too much deviation. Use the skirt instead of the wonder undies. Get Lynda Carter to play the Mother role and do the first few episodes to get fans locked in and then bring her back at end of first season to actually have to fight to save her daughter’s life.

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