It’s Official: NBC Has Passed On Wonder Woman

Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that NBC has indeed passed on the Wonder Woman project. For those reading who might not be familiar with television, it means that it’s unlikely WW will ever air.

The project has had a mixed reaction every time more information about it would come out. While we do want Wonder Woman back on television, it sounds like a lot of changes need to be made, and it could have been an expensive disaster. This news is unfortunate, but maybe it means an even better Wonder Woman project will come later.

More thoughts and news to come later. A certain TV series finale is keeping me a bit busy at the moment….


  1. WW

    Very happy this isn’t happening. Wrong writer, incorrect network, and terrible cast. Wonder Woman deserves so much better than this half-assed attempt to bring her back into a live-action genre. She really deserves a feature with all the bells and whistles that the “boys”, i.e. Supes & Bats, get. This was too rushed. Be nice for Warner Bros. to sit down after the last Nolan Batman movie is made and really construct a great Wonder Woman vehicle that utilizes source material.

  2. Christopher DC

    And so that’s it…the Adrianne Palicki era ended before it ever really had a chance to begin. It’s unfortunate and extremely frustrating, not only because “Wonder Woman” failed to make it back to the small screen (again!), but that this setback might nix any future attempt for some time to come, possibly for many years. Detractors of the character will point to this latest debacle as further “proof” that Wonder Woman cannot work as a live-action project, while those who urged all of us to have a little faith in David Kelley’s vision will never have that faith vindicated. I imagine we fans will get the chance to see the pilot sooner or later; other botched pilots such as “Justice League” have found their way into comic book conventions and YouTube postings, and it’s surely just a matter of time before the “Wonder Woman” pilot sneaks into the public as well. Perhaps then we’ll have a few last questions cleared up, such as: 1) Did Lynda Carter actually get to make a cameo?; 2) How did Adrianne Palicki look in the “genuine” costume?; and of course 3) Just how bad was the pilot, anyway? Supposedly it had the working title of “Beginnings”…not very appropriate, as things worked out. Oh well. See you all around next time Wonder Woman gets a chance on TV, which will probably be around 2043 at this rate.

  3. vantheman77

    I had a feeling it got passed by NBC, which is not the right place for the superhero genre. I wish they take it to the CW and have it run by a different creative team as I don’t think David Kelly is the right man for this.

    • travjohn83

      I totally agree! Superhero shows do not do well on major networks. The CW would be a perfect spot for “Wonder Woman”. Heck, maybe Kristin Kreuk could play the role of WW.

  4. Sergio

    It’s too bad, I really wanted to see the series, I tried to be positive about it. I am extremely bombed out. And I hope it is true, that we get to see the pilot episode sooner or later, like was with Aquaman.

    Adrianne Palicki had potential, and although not as beautiful as Lynda Carter, I would have really liked to see her play the part, I mean if she was cast, it was because she has really good acting skills.

    I have to agree with the fact that I wasn’t very positive about the pilot, like the fact that Wonder Woman kills, but perhaps that was just part of the plot, kind of like Wonder Woman realizing her mistakes in taking lives and deciding to redeem herself.

    Now we’ll never get a live action movie after so many TV projects turned down. :/

  5. Danny

    maybe the cw will pick it up after smallville.

  6. Well that’s that then. What a shame. Sure, there were aspects of the production that set alarm bells ringing, but given a chance I think the show could’ve flown. After all these years of waiting for the return of one of comics’ most iconic characters to the TV screen, that’s a real kick in the teeth.

    Hopefully the Wonder Woman movie will see the light of day. Till then, it’s back to the wishing…

    Thanks for all the excellent coverage though – hopefully WW TV will continue?

  7. Maar13

    Well, this really suck, then why all the hype and hiring of David E. Kelly and even the comments of NBC president about the suit if they were going to pass on it? Seriously that is just a waist of time for everybody.

    Hope someone pick it up.

  8. Tony

    I’m much like Robert….I would really love to see the pilot. Good or Bad, I’d just like to see it and make my own judgment about it. No, I’m not a huge fan of the new costume, but I also understand the potential need for DC wanting to change it. I grew up only knowing the older version of the costume. I grew up only knowing WW as an Amazon, Greek Goddess, and a child molded out of clay. Sure, that’s the character that I really enjoyed reading. I LOVED watching Lynda Carter bring her to “life” on television…even with the changes they made with the character at that time. My point being is that given the new changes and direction that DC did with WW for this show…there is a slight chance that it could still be good. Who knows? All the public has seen is a few screen shots and a tiny text script. But words on a screen with no emotion to them are interpreted in the “mood” of the writer that is making that particular post on the subject. Maybe actually seeing that script come to life…it may have been better…again, who knows..
    Early reports on the screening of the pilot were mixed as well….I just think with all the “buzz” that was around this project, that NBC hopefully doesn’t let this collect dust on a shelf for years and years…I’d love to see either them, or another network take a chance on it….Even if they use the Pilot as a one time movie…Just air the thing. 🙂

  9. Bruno

    Such a disappointment! And I’m pissed off too. This was maybe our last chance to see Wonder Woman on TV again – a movie being quite unlikely. I also think so-called fans are partly responsible for this aborted project. The costume may not have been perfect (we didn’t even see Adrianne Palicki in the original costume); the story may have been flawed too – so what!!!!! What did you expect? Wonder Woman in the World War II again, fighting the nazis? It was our (only?) chance to see Wonder Woman in a live-action series, and Lynda Carter too maybe. Besides a series can improve and evolve! I was also shocked by some derogatory -sometimes rude – comments about Adrianne Palicki posted in some other sites. She looked (looks) quite beautiful in that costume and she looked quite the part too. Now we can only hope the pilot will at least be released in direct-to-video format. What a pity and what a shame on us fans who didn’t support and encourage this project!

  10. jcw

    Very disappointing. I really thought that this project had quite a lot of potential, despite some questionable casting choices (Bruening, Hurley). quote people who have see the pilot, describing it as “ambitious” and “well crafted” and they go on to speculate that the ultimate rejection of the project had more to do with NBC execs general lack of faith in the supero genre on TV. If you look at the NBC fall line up, my impression is that they could very well use the kind of show they have just passed up.

  11. Iuri Andréas Reblin

    Well… That is really a very sad news. I hope the shows goes on air in the coming future and I really hope Warner/DC take care of it, although they seem to be a little “goofy” concerning the superhero adaptations on screen.

    Perhaps Millar and Gough have some ideas for a WW project.
    Anyway I think I would suggest a Comic Writer to take care of the first script.

    After all, it looks like we are going to be orphans on screen thoughout this year. No superhero rises

  12. This news is unfortunate, but maybe it means an even better Wonder Woman project will come later.

    When is later though?

    • jcw

      Christopher DC already covered that point in his comment: It’s 2043.

      Unfortunately, there may even be more than a grain of truth in that.

  13. MikoPike

    What a complete bummer. Like many of you I had issues with a detail or two of what I heard about this show, but my enthusiasm to see Wonder Woman on television again vastly outweighed any qualms I had. This leaves me only with my feeling before this pilot project ever started, namely the feeling that it is misogynistic in an era when everyone from Green Hornet to Dylan Dog can get a movie made from their comic book, that somehow the higher ups at WB don’t find that the world’s most legendary female hero deserves an effort. Yes, of course I would like to see a project more connected to the comic book roots, but as more of these projects fall through the cracks it becomes more difficult to believe that the next effort will be the lucky one. There was word recently that the Justice League movie is picking up steam again, and that it might be used as a vehicle to launch motion picture franchises for the Flash and Wonder Woman afterward, ostensibly because they would appear in the JL movie, so for now that will be something for us to look forward to. Until then, Wonder Woman, all the world is waiting for you…

  14. NBCStupidStupidStupid

    I think everyone saying “this is a good thing” is being a little overly hopeful. I think this was WW fans’ last chance (in a long while) of seeing her in live action again — along with Supergirl and just about every other female superhero property.

    To say “now we can see her where she deserves to be — on the big screen” is incredibly overly-optimistic. I hope I’m wrong, but now this gives all the myopic studio and movie heads an excuse to say “she couldn’t even carry a TV show….” along with the usual “Catwoman movie disaster” fodder they already had. I think your grandkids might get a WW movie, but not while you’re still alive!

    And besides, what actress (or studio) is gonna wanna deal with this VICIOUS string of attacks and critiques again via the internet? The WW live action ship is sailing off into the sunset, fellow WW fans. Enjoy her in animated form — which, as we know, she’s not popular enough to carry another starring role.

  15. MrCead

    Well it was wise of NBC not to run this series so close to a recession. Besides, Wonder Woman is really a comic written from a male’s point of view trying to guess what women would like in a female character – which does not fly with today’s audience. If WW was more of a detective, then ok, because women are thinkers by nature, men are doers.

    I think Wonder Woman should be made into a movie first then see where it lies as a tv series. XMEN is the same way. It would be better as a movie franchise than a tv series. The series was attempted before on FOX but it did not last. Same with the Justice league in the 90’s. Certain heroes cannot be domesticated as they are simply too big for tv, too large and too epic – to use a modern cliche. Perhaps a miniseries like Battlestar Galactica would bridge the gap? I love WW and I would love to see the champion of the Amazons kick butt. Perhaps WW should go the route of Smallville where her origins are the focus of the series so that people can identify with her better rather than seeing some random woman spin into a costume and use a piece of flimsy looking golden string to make the hardest criminals spill their secrets. Just a thought.



  17. I’m glad it’s not pushing through. Nothing against Adrianne Palicki, but I’ve always thought she’s wrong for the role. Wonder Woman is one-third of DC Comics’ power triumvirate and the character deserves a lot better treatment than this. I’m looking forward to a grander vision when this series (movie?) is again brought to the table.

  18. Ravenwolf

    NBC decided not to pick up the show thanks to all the great feedback all the “fans” have shown towards it. Word has it the Greenblatt over at Comcast thought that no matter how good they thought the show was that all the fanboys/girls would shit on it, as they have been without ever seeing a frame of film, hence putting the negative reviews into people (viewers) minds not to watch.

    Or it could have just sucked and now wasn’t the right time.

  19. dan

    I was pulling for this to get picked up. I hope the pilot will atleast be posted somewhere to see.

  20. Rijoenpial

    I think that there was a wonder woman series after Linda Blair’s:


    That series had Wonder Woman written all over it!

    In TV, any WW series would inevitably compared with Xena, whic is ironic, since I am almost sure one of Xena’s inspirations, if not THE inspiration, was Wonder Woman!

    So, TV-wise, WW is probably dead! It had to be as good or better than Linda Blair’s and that crowd/public is too old now! Also, the production costs would match the ‘Rome’ ones or if they went 300-way, with a gree screen, probably half of it! But it would look too fake or too artistic (aka only small audiences would watch it)!

    Movie wise, that is another can of worms: it is difficult to make a movie with an Ancient Greek motif, and being able to drawn crowds to it! I mean, even if the story was great (I read WW and it would have to be far superior to the comics ones!), the actress would have to be the movie itself! She would sell of sink the movie, with no in-between! And given the talent that would want to interpret a comics’ characters, I don’t think anyone but an unknown would do it!

    So, I think this is a losing game whenever you look at! Don’t get me wrong, I like Diana, but this is one tough nut to crack from comics to the big screen… or the little screen, for that matter!

  21. Roland

    I’ve just been on the nbc facebook page. Every second comment is pick up Wonder Woman. The fanbase is outraged. Everyone was promoting this. Even Lynda Carter has been heavily hyping it.

  22. Why should anyone be surprised or bummed by this? Smallville is ending, Heroes is done, and the Cape is already a memory…

    Superhero storylines on TV have run their course. Viewers want something new like zombies “Walking Dead”, or hopefully an original alien storyline like “Falling Skies” will pull huge ratings also.

    • If its true…im glad that they chopped the show..first of all,this new Wonder Woman is a corporate executive by day trying to balance her career and crime fighting..the writers labled her as a “vigilante”.not one time did they mention her possessing powers bestowed to her from creation by the Greek Goddesses and one Greek God…she’s as strong as Hercules and fast as Hermes…and fyi writers,flies on her need for that obsolete jet..stop playing one of the best and most popular super heroins out like she’s second class..yall fucked up..Warner Bros please help

  23. The Doctor

    Hey why don’t The Great NBC still pick up WW ans put it on their SY FY channel. The only reason I say that is ” There is no REAL Science Fiction on the SCI-FI channel since NBC has bought the Channel and changed it name to SY FY Imagine Greater!!
    Ha what a joke

    Imagine Better is what I say.

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