iFanboy Reviews The Wonder Woman Pilot – With Screen Captures

The Wonder Woman pilot has started to be seen by some people, and while unfortunately we haven’t seen it, despite running the largest fan site for it (Anyone want to hook us up?), the website iFanboy is the latest to post a review… complete with some screen captures that show what would have been. (Adrianne Palicki looks great in these caps).

You can find iFanboy’s mostly-positive review here. And again, if anyone can get the pilot our way, please contact us.


  1. MikoPike

    Wow, Adrianne Palicki looks completely epic in the screen shots at the link. Thanks to the site for posting this, and to iFanboy for writing the review, it really was very nice to read about this project sans vitriol, and the review was detailed and enjoyable. As a longtime fan who grew up watching the original show, and an avid Greek mythology enthusiast, I balked at some of the changes, yet I think I might have been able to get my head around this new version of Wonder Woman, and all around I have heard nothing but good about Adrianne Palicki in the role from pilot reviewers. Wonder Woman is a really hard shoe (boot) to fill, hopefully WB will keep her in mind for future Wondy projects. ( I know there is perspective at play, but check the shot where she towers over Cary Elwes. You can’t argue with that stature.) Unfortunately, everything else about this story is a total bummer. From the fact that the series was passed on in the first place to the revelation that the pilot, while apparently not dazzling, maybe wasn’t so bad after all, to the fact that the visual fx are not finished, putting the kibosh on hopes of a dvd or iTunes release, I am more down than ever about how this ended up. I hope that this gets picked up somehow by another network, but my instincts tell me that is a long shot. Besides, I honestly am not knowledgeable enough about the tv industry to know if there is any real chance of that happening or if it is rampant groundless speculation from overly enthused fanboys such as myself. All I know is the original show survived a rather unlikely network change. If anyone with real expertise on the matter can shed some light that would be keen. (grasps for another straw) At any rate, thanks again for the groovy pics, but for the time being, I’m just as blue as Wonder Woman’s hotly debated pants.

  2. Scott

    Wow, you are on it, I just saw this post on ifanboy.com myself. I, too, would give anything to see this pilot. I’ve been a huge WW fan my whole life, specifically the live-action version (I’ve watched Lynda’s 70s show hundreds of times). I was saddened to find out this pilot isn’t finished and, therefore, most likely won’t be released. If I ever get to see it, I would just die 🙂

  3. maar13

    Yes, it just needed a little faith, I mean the first shot that was shown months ago was not their best but She looks great on this pictures.

    Hope someone get his/her hands on this project, would love to see that pilot.

    Hope someone get it for a mid season or something like that, after all, the first series was not picked right away.

  4. Bruno

    I was so pissed off when I read that it had been passed on and I can’t help help but think that fans are to some extent responsible for this failure. The negative response was so out of proportion! I couldn’t believe the nonsense, the derogatory comments about Adrianne Palicki I was reading week after week.
    At last, the Ifanboy post gives us an OBJECTIVE review of the Pilot – from someone who has actually seen it – of a series which may have improved with time if fans had given it a chance and had kept an OPEN MIND, which obviously was not the case. The stills are also amazing and seeing these, I’m even more disappointed and angry. Finally I’d gladly buy the pilot in DVD (or better, bluray format) even if it’s not completely finished. True fans it’s time to wake up and maybe if our voices are strong enough, we’ll have a chance to see this. A desperate move? Wishful thinking?

    • Rit

      I’m disappointed too. I know there a lot of negativity amongst the fan about her looks. This is what we get for being spoiled. I would definitely get the DVD if it comes out. Perhaps Logo will pick up the pilot. WW has a huge gay following. Given the fact that it’s campy, colorful, and a female role being portrayed, every gay person will tune in. Oh I forgot the mention to nerdy fatties and young girls that want to grow up to be beautiful and strong. Hey! This covers a huge population of viewers!

  5. Christopher DC

    Thanks for this latest post, Craig! The earlier comments tend to confirm my long-held supsicion: if NBC had shown the wisdom to release a few publicity photos of Adrianne Palicki in the “classic” Wonder Woman uniform, the fans might have been willing to overlook some of the more, ahem, “absurtities” of the pilot and given the series more online support. There’s just something about seeing a lovely, 5’11”, dark haired woman wearing one of the most iconic costumes in comic book history that puts fans in a more forgiving mood, I guess! I know there’ll always be people who cry “sexism” every time they see the outfit, but I doubt very many of these detractors are true comic-book fans, and they wouldn’t have watched a live-action Wonder Woman project even if she did all her crime-fighting in “realistic” civilian attire. As for the pilot itself, I’m definately curious to see it, and I’m sure it’ll float its way into the public eye one way or another, in this age of YouTube. My curiosity is tempered, however, but the fact that Adrianne only wears the costume in the final scene of the pilot, and it’ll forever remain an open question as to how much she would have worn it if the series had been picked up. There’s no doubt she looks absolutely fantastic in it, but there’s also no doubt that most women don’t like running around in stylized bathing suits for any longer than they have to (even on the Lynda Carter series, Wonder Woman appeared in costume less and less as the show went on as the emphasis was switched to her civilian persona of Diana Prince). But we’ll never know for sure, and that’s the curse of it; I would love to have been proved wrong, and thrill to the sight of Adrianne Palicik battling evil and injustice in the one-of-a-kind uniform that makes Wonder Woman…well, wonderful!

  6. I have to agree with Christopher. The studio made a HUGE mistake releasing Adriana in that god-awful Anne Summers knock-off outfit. Mind you, there were so many mistakes made with the show that seem to have been brushed away in the editing process (why bother with writers if they’re just going to edit out all the crap – and it seems there was a lot of that).

    I’m fairly sure we’ll see this in one form or another – eventually.

    But it did need to be epic and fantastic, and this seemed to be lacking in both departments.


  8. Ingenuo

    In these 20 days I got an idea of why David Kelley’s wonder woman pilot has been deleted. It is the fault of the fans who prefer a movie or a transposition of the comics. The problem is that they do not realize that by doing so have virtually put an end to every project on Wonder Woman for the next year and hoped the film will never be realized.

  9. Ken welckle

    The key to an successfully new wonder woman pilot and tV series is this. But this just my opion.

    1. Do something new fresh with character for example I think it would interesting to do a wonderwoman Tv series’ as crime drama.

    2. Ground the pilot and Tv serie’s in reality.

    3. have humor.

    4. Wonderwoman need’s to be see as girl next door that everybody want’s to be friend’s with.

    5 . That she use’s her smart’s to defeat the villian.

    6. That serie’s center around Diana prince and steve trevor.

    7. cast Tv actor’s that has name regonation.

  10. ken welckle

    I have seen some of clip’s that have been posted on internet before they were taken off. This is how I would have appoarched these secence’s

    1. Where wonderwoman is chasing after the guy who worked for villian. In The pilot. This is how I would have done that differently.

    I would have use that part in the pilot to show how Diana is a fish out of water you could say. Being in man’s world for the first time and how she react’s to being in our society that she know’s nothing about.

    2. Secound clip where she take’s out gaurd. I would have that completely different. I would have this route. That after gaurd fire’s his weapon’s and that wonder woman easily deflect’s. The guard pulls out his knife. He run’s toward’s wonderwoman. She use’s her skill’s that she learn on Paradise Island to disarmed the gaurd. By grabing the gaurd and throwing him up against wall with enough force to knock him unconscious and then cuffing him to perhap’s a rail along wall. and breaking his key cuff’s in half.

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