1. Christopher DC

    Wow! When you said “very brief,” you sure weren’t kiddin’! All there was to it was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot of Adrianne Palicki and the new Wonder Woman logo. I don’t think you’ll have to worry about this teaser disappearing from the Internet, as many different sites have begun to air it, which leads me to believe the “leak” may have been subtly permitted by the powers-that-be. Shall we officially begin to lobby NBC to give “Wonder Woman” a second chance as a mid-season replacement? Or should we be satisfied with them making the pilot available as a legal (and therefore guilt-free) download? Even that little pinprick of a teaser is, in my opinion, more than enough to justify making the entire episode available for public consumption…and if negative reaction to the script and costume decisions aided in the demise of the show, maybe a positive reaction to seeing Adrianne Palicki in action may persuade NBC (or some other network) into giving our favorite Amazon Princess another shot at the big time.

  2. Ravenwolf

    Knowing that to finish the effects would cost millions of dollars, i don’t think this (WW) will ever see the light of day from the studio in any completed form. The best bet to get it will be at a comic book convention from many of the bootleg dealers. It should be right next to the Roger Corman “Fantastic Four” movie.

  3. MikoPike

    Wow, that looked really good. All nitpicking (even my own) aside, I am actually very curious to see this iteration of Wonder Woman. Although I am sure that the network’s doubts arose from other elements in the tv show, Adrianne Palicki looks phenomenal, and the logo is bold and classic. If nothing else WB, please keep her (Palicki) in mind if any Wonder Woman project actually gets fully produced. If a campaign among fans to get it as a mid season replacement starts, I hope it is covered here, I am on board with that yesterday. Just show me the petition…

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