Elizabeth Hurley To Play Veronica Cale In <em>Wonder Woman</em>

Elizabeth Hurley To Play Veronica Cale In Wonder Woman

Here’s a big name for Wonder Woman: Elizabeth Hurley will be playing Diana’s nemesis, Veronica Cale, in the Wonder Woman pilot.

Here’s what Hurley posted tonight on Twitter:

Thrilled to be doing the NBC pilot Wonder Woman. I’ll be playing the evil villain. Can’t wait.

Cale runs a company that is doing experiments on people… and she and Diana aren’t very big fans of one another.

Hopefully more casting news is coming!

Thanks to Dcm for the tip.


  1. wonderking

    Elizabeth Hurley is more the look then Adrienne for Wonder Woman but that’s besides the point. As long as this show isn’t going to be anything like the David E. Kelley script that was leaked it “might” be good? I’ll watch it if they don’t put Wonder Woman in the new stupid costume. PLEASE!!! Some version of the iconic original outfit that everyone recognizes. If this doesn’t look or feel like the Wonder Woman that has existed for 70 years I’m out of there.

  2. Sam

    Casting is fine for this show, but the script “leaks” sound terrible. Two companies for Diana? The details sound awful. This may be a shorter run than the original series, just like NBC’s reboot of the Bionic Woman that lasted less than one season.

  3. MikoPike

    Come what may I think this was great casting for a villain. Anyone who has seen Elizabeth Hurley in ‘Bedazzled’ can tell you that she plays a delicious evildoer. Her casting was one of the things that got me over the butterflies I had when I saw the script leaks and changed my perception into being really excited to see what they are actually doing.

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