Wonder Woman Pilot Storyboards Show Us What Might Have Been Clearer Shots Of The New Wonder Woman Costume!
Wonder Woman Pilot Storyboards Show Us What Might Have Been
Clearer Shots Of The New Wonder Woman Costume!
  • Opinion: Why TV Should Not Give Up On Wonder Woman
    Opinion: Why TV Should Not Give Up On Wonder Woman
  • It’s Official: NBC Has Passed On <em>Wonder Woman</em>
    It's Official: NBC Has Passed On Wonder Woman
  • More Wonder Woman Video From @WonderboyLB
    Video From The Hollywood Boulevard Filming!

Very preliminary news coming in…

TVByTheNumbers is reporting that they have heard Wonder Woman has been picked up for a series order by NBC, with timeslot information surely to be announced Monday if it’s true.

They are reporting that Law & Order: LA is canceled.

We will post updates as soon as more information is available and confirmation has come from more sources, if this turns out to be true.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

Scott Carelli happened to be at Universal Studios when he was brought in to screen a TV show pilot that’s in contention for Fall 2011 airing. At first, he thought it was something like House, before realizing that it was the Wonder Woman plilot.

Turns out Scott is also involved with Geekshow Entertainment, and he just recorded a podcast where he talks about what he thought of the pilot. You can listen to the show here.

What did he think?

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Maybe it’s not between Wonder Woman and Harry’s Law after all.

In a run-down of what the TV networks may do when they announce their Fall 2011 schedules next year, Vulture’s Josef Adalian had this interesting speculation about something that may happen with Wonder Woman:

“We’d also like to go on record with our (potentially silly) theory about Wonder Woman: Since David E. Kelley is likely to get a pickup for Harry’s Law, what if NBC were to green-light Kelley’s superwoman and announce that a new show-runner was coming onboard Woman so DEK could focus on Harry’s?”

You can read the entire Vulture column here. NBC will be announcing their new schedule in one week, on Monday, May 16.

Nellie Andreeva at Deadline.com has posted the latest pilot update, and finally some encouraging news for Wonder Woman:

The biggest news out of NBC is that David E. Kelley’s WONDER WOMAN pilot has been delivered and it’s getting positive reaction.

Less than two weeks until NBC’s Fall 2011 schedule is announced!

There are now people in the world who have seen Wonder Woman.

NBC executives are looking at the WW pilot now to see if it should be on the Fall 2011 schedule; but more interestingly, we’ve gotten word that some ordinary folks in Los Angeles have seen screenings as well.

These screenings are usually random and unplanned – with the subjects not knowing what they’re about to see – and it’s generally done for almost all new TV projects… not an unusual thing. Generally, people interested in the TV industry or involved in it are even turned away from seeing them; they want to hear from the “average viewer.”

Hopefully some [positive] word will come from the screenings…. and we will know on May 17 if Wonder Woman lives again! (And if anyone wants to show us the WW pilot… you know where to find us…)

The Hollywood Reporter print edition today did a feature on the amount of “heat” behind pilots vying for spots on the Fall 2011 schedule.

THR listed Wonder Woman in the “Medium” category, giving this not-so-encouraging news:

“Talk of campy disappointment. Still a possible pickup, but the network could renew David E. Kelley’s Harry’s Law instead.”

Harry’s Law has been a consistent performer for NBC in its first season; is it really an either-or thing?

The NBC Fall schedule will be announced in less than two weeks.

(Thanks to Dawn for the tip!)

Chris Bacon, who previously did music for several past David E. Kelley productions, will be doing the score for Wonder Woman, according to a report at FilmMusicReporter.com.

Other recent scores done by Bacon include the music for Source Code.

As they’ve been editing the Wonder Woman pilot, there hasn’t been a lot of news lately.

However, Nellie Andreeva at Deadline has posted her latest round-up of pilot progress, and it sounds like there’s no real word as to which direction Wonder Woman will go. Here’s what was said:

Meanwhile, NBC’s highest-profile drama pilot, David E. Kelley’s WONDER WOMAN, is still in post-production. Like every high-profile project, it has its early detractors but we will reserve judgment until there is a cut.

NBC will be revealing their Fall 2011 schedule on May 16, 2011.

Michael Rose will be playing the role Gregory Kogen, Veronica Cale’s chief lawyer, in the Wonder Woman pilot.

Thanks to Peter for the tip!

Lynda Carter recently appeared on The Talk, where she did the iconic Wonder Woman spin and talked a little bit about the new Wonder Woman TV show… including the costume.

Here’s a clip, courtesy of AOL:

Regarding the costume, Carter revealed that she did like her own costume the best. “They were trying to update with the way we’re all doing leggings now, and skinny jeans, so I think it’s kind of trying to do that.” With that said, Carter seems confident that David E. Kelley will do something good. “David E. Kelley is full of surprises, so you never know what’s going to happen,” she continued.

A MTV News report implies that – although not seen in this video – Carter has hinted that she may have something to do with the new series. “I’ve talked to David E. Kelley, who’s a brilliant writer, a number of times and we’re hoping to plan something. But I cannot reveal….” she is reported to have said.

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